You know you've come far when...

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Re: You know you've come far when...

Post by CajunCoder » Mon 07.19.2010 10:19 pm

Yep. Actually, I've used Anki and other SRS programs with a fair amount of success. I only have two major problems:

1) Remembering to use it consistently. I'm not very consistent in anything - and forgetful on top of that.

2) The hassle of entering words/example sentences and building a good database of useful vocabulary. This is difficult because most of the time I am using Japanese, it is not very convenient to stop everything I am doing, and make an entry every time I come across a new word, or have trouble actively remembering a word that I should know. Furthermore, I'm not always in front of a computer when I come across new vocabulary -- I'm often reading, listening to podcasts, or holding conversations with friends.

Perhaps I'm just not trying hard enough, and with more effort I could be more persistent, but often seems like more work than it's worth, and I wonder if I'm not better off just skipping the interruptions and getting more exposure, hoping that things will stick naturally.

I've had some success with this -- simply because I use Japanese every day in some form or fashion, but I must wonder some times if I am gaining new vocabulary as quickly as I am forgetting old vocabulary that I rarely have a chance to use.

A little more on topic, however - the times that I do realize how far I've come are usually when I look back and read things (such as blog entries) that I've written in the past, and notice how unnaturally they are written. Of course, this is also kind of humbling, because I realize that my Japanese now, to truly fluent Japanese speakers, probably looks just as unnatural.

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