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Post by furrykef » Sat 07.17.2010 8:10 pm

Every change they have made since the iKnow days has either been for the worse, or it concerns a feature I don't use. These people cannot seem to grasp the concept of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Regardless, most of the changes haven't hurt things very much. But today I found that their sentence search feature (which can't even be found on the site anymore; I have to use Firefox's search bar for it) now has stripped away all the information except for the Japanese sentence itself. It used to display the sentence, its English translation, its source, and whether or not audio was available for that sentence. In other words, it made it possible for me to tell at a glance whether I'd find that sentence interesting and therefore worth learning. Now it's much more cumbersome! Why? Heck if I know, maybe one of their programmers or designers got dropped on their head.

If anybody agrees with how I feel about this, vote on this issue so there'll be some hope of getting the old functionality back. used to be a great site for me, but it's rapidly becoming mediocre...
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Re: pisses me off (rant)

Post by Snowflake » Mon 07.19.2010 10:06 am

I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations with I joined their site back when it was iKnow and I agree, it seems to have lost some of its flexibility over the years. The situation you described and linked seems just plain odd. As you say, how can you determine if these are sentences that are relevant to your study plan if there is no translation or other support information?

I'm personally not at the point in my studies where I'm learning full sentences (I'm concentrating on vocab right now), so this is not a feature which directly affects me, but I'm sorry to hear that, for those of you to whom this is important, it has become more difficult.

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