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Postby parnld88 » Wed 09.28.2005 11:54 am

I recently turned Buddhist and I am enjoying it very much. Please give me your thoughts on Buddhism if you are or even if you arent.
I may be American on the outside, but I am a pure blooded Japanese at heart.
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RE: Buddhism

Postby Binsento » Wed 09.28.2005 3:41 pm

I don't consider myself Buddhist, Christian or anything else for that matter.
But i do find Shinto and Buddhism a very interesting and beautiful religion.
To me, every religion has it's qualities which suit me. And every religion has certain aspects which i don't like.
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RE: Buddhism

Postby AaRoN » Wed 09.28.2005 4:01 pm

Personally i believe in reincarnation...but am still christian.
Dont wanna sound satanic or ne thing so dont get me wrong...to me religion brings us all to together but destroy people lives as well.

Also found out an interesting fact today......the reason why the majority of westerner are depressed is cause the don't have a big enough spiritual side to life...or so my art teacher says. B)
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RE: Buddhism

Postby skrhgh3b » Wed 09.28.2005 4:38 pm

i think religion (which is just a respectable word for superstition) is a horrible vice that breeds fear, hatred, and ultimately devision among the different peoples of the world. you can be a good person without living your life in accordance to the ignorance of ancient peoples, and if you do, are more likely to be a tolerant human being towards those different than yourself. i'm not dismissing spirtuality by any means, but religious institutions have done far more harm than good throughout the history of the world, and that's still true today.
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RE: Buddhism

Postby b4d0m3n » Wed 09.28.2005 11:47 pm

I find religion a rather distasteful endeavour, myself. Studying it can be interesting, but after a while you just have to shake your head and chuckle a little. The illogical, impossible idea of a bi bearded superhero in outer space who can see you all the time (even when you pee) is at once scary and ridiculous. But I like Buddhism and Shintoism for what they are - interesting beliefs of interesting people.
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RE: Buddhism

Postby Daichi » Thu 09.29.2005 6:34 am

I totally agree with Binsento. I have my own personal spiritual beliefs, some of which are present in Christianity, some in Buddhism some from other religions, no doubt. I don't conform to any specific religion, however - by 'labelling' myself with a religion, people would expect me to follow each and everyone of it's beliefs. I have no intention of becoming a hypocrite.

Also, skrhgh3b raises a good point. The divides created by religion have been a source of great suffering for millennia, and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

I'll end now, before I start getting further off track with issues such as the creation debate in American schools. After all parnld88 only wanted our opinions on Buddhism!
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RE: Buddhism

Postby AaRoN » Thu 09.29.2005 3:13 pm

Yeah true....
Daichi I view religion in the same way as you. I like to believe differnt aspects of many religions although as i'm catholic i was baptised christian.
Also being from an area affected by the trouble here if i was to change my religion i could get in alot of bother.
Although 1 time i did want to be a buddist B) .
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RE: Buddhism

Postby Shinjitsu no Uta » Thu 09.29.2005 6:01 pm

Buddism gets weird sometimes. It is nice to learn about myths and stuff so I like to read books and stuff on realigions that have multiple gods, spirits, ect.
I'm a catholic.
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