The language used in "Yoshitsune" (2005 NHK Taiga drama)

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The language used in "Yoshitsune" (2005 NHK Taiga drama)

Post by phreadom » Sun 07.25.2010 12:07 am

I just started watching this and I'm wondering about the language used... although I'm still just a beginner, the language sounds much more formal and archaic to me... so I have a very hard time picking up almost anything they're saying. :(

I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on the type of language used in the drama? If it's just highly formal (at least in the first episode so far), or if it is trying to emulate an "old style" feel?

Thanks! :)

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Re: The language used in "Yoshitsune" (2005 NHK Taiga drama)

Post by NileCat » Sun 07.25.2010 1:32 pm

Hi phreadom,
I made a quick search on YouTube.
I couldn't find the EP1 though, it seems there are three reasons.
Both of your guesses are right.

1) Archaic language, obviously.
2) Many characters use extremely polite language because Yoshitsune, the
lead character, is General. (In that era, it means he is a king)
3) Some characters were using a dialect from Western Japan in an episode I watched.

If you give me a link to EP1 on the net, I could make some dictation as an example for you, if you want.

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