tadaima and okaeri.

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tadaima and okaeri.

Post by phreadom » Sun 08.22.2010 7:47 pm

A friend of mine raised the question a bit ago about whether or not you can say "okaeri" first, and have the other person reply with "tadaima".

Now I'm pretty sure I've seen this in actual Japanese conversations in tv shows etc, and I see other sources on-line saying that you can do it this way...

So can anyone definitively answer this? :think:

I realize that "I'm home!" → "Welcome home!" is the normal order, but... I just want a little confirmation on the other way.

Thanks! :mrgreen:

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Re: tadaima and okaeri.

Post by becki_kanou » Sun 08.22.2010 8:25 pm

Yeah, that's fine. No problem at all.

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