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Habbo Hotel Japan

Post by toni » Fri 09.30.2005 11:47 am

So has anyone been to the Japanese version of Habbo Hotel? I have and it was fun even though IME is of no use there, and I couldn't see what they were writing because my computer didn't display Japanese characters (I don't know what would be the reason because I can view Japanese text normally online, e.g. here, so "ありがとう" doesn't show up like "LK#dfG*RTSN)&%" or something similar... ;) ).

But if anyone's looking for some friends in Japan, that's a great place to start with! :D


P.S. You need to register in the site, so if you've already registered to an English Habbo Hotel web site then registering in the Japanese one won't be too difficult since it uses the same registration system. If you want to know how you can register to the Japanese site, first register at http://www.habbohotel.com.

[EDIT: I was repeating what I already had said at one point. ;)]
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