Japanese movies [No anime]

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Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by Binsento » Sun 10.02.2005 2:09 pm

Here a few of my favorites:
だれも知らない (Nobody knows)
Four children are forced to rely on one another after they are abandoned by their mother.
Awesome movie and very emotional.

黒い雨 (Kuroi ame)
The story of the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing, based on Masuji Ibuse's novel.
Very disturbing, but an incredible movie nontheless

七人の侍 (Shichinin no samurai)
My absolute favorite, i could watch this movie everyday without feeling bored.
A must see

Now, what are your favorites?

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by Sacari » Sun 10.02.2005 2:37 pm

I liked the movie "Shall We Dance".

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by skrhgh3b » Sun 10.02.2005 2:39 pm

my personal favorites being:

タンポポ (tampopo)
juzo itami's classic is also my all time favorite. a delightful satire of the japanese love affair with food.

カタクリ家の幸福 (the happiness of the katakuris)
takashi miike may be an exploitation director, but this movie is pure genius. although a musical at heart, he seamlessly weaves so many different genres together you'll wonder how he ever pulled it off.

SHALL WE ダンス? (shall we dance?)
yeah, yeah, yeah. but i really love this movie. it's truly a delight to watch, and it stars that food fetishist yakuza from タンポポ :D
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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by hideko_san » Sun 10.02.2005 5:47 pm

everything by akira kurosawa has the word "great" printed on the side

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by torgosaves » Sun 10.02.2005 6:43 pm

Takashi Miike was my introduction to Japanese cinema with the film "Ichi the Killer". I've also seen "Gozu", "Visitor Q", "Dead or Alive: Final", and most of "Happiness of the Katakuris". I've also enjoyed Cure and Pulse by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. And Samurai Fiction by Nakano Hiroyuki. Plus sections of old Samurai films on IFC and Sundance, though I always miss the beginnings, and I have no idea what's going on.

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by Mukade » Sun 10.02.2005 10:12 pm

"Stereo Future," Nakano's follow-up to "Samurai Fiction," was visually impressive, had a great soundtrack, and featured one of the most interesting fight scenes ever.

The gangster films by Beat Takeshi are fun, but it was his "Kikujiro" (菊次郎の夏) that moved me the most. "Hanabi" was really interesting, as well, especially when you realize that he injected a bit of autobiography in the character of Horibe. The paintings that appear are Takeshi's own.

Koreeda's "After Life" (ワンダフルライフ) was quite beautiful, as well. Not only was the cinematography attractive, but the idea behind the story was also quite compelling.

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by Gaijinian » Sun 10.02.2005 10:31 pm

I loved 菊次郎の夏, too!(まさお君、私は宇宙人です!:D)
Also "Samurai Fiction," but I have not seen Stereo Future.
But... I thought ワンダフルライフ was ツマラナイ!:o

Even though "Tokyo Godfathers" and "Hotaru no haka" are anime,
I highly recommend them.

The most sick, perverted movie I've ever seen was Japanese... I'm failing to remember the title... Hmmm....
I remember a the place the woman was called 石の魚... ring any bells?
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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by Harisenbon » Mon 10.03.2005 12:20 am

ピンポン (ping pong) has got to be my favorite movie ever. I think I've watched the DVD some 40 times since I got it for christmas.
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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by Binsento » Mon 10.03.2005 5:07 am

Thanks for the input !

I have some more:
At the Rotterdam Filmfestival last year i saw 花とアリス (Hana and Alice) by Shunji Iwai.
After that one i saw at least 2 other movies by him and they were all really nice movies.
The main subject of his movies is about growing up, and his way of projecting this onto the viewer is really beautiful.

And Dolls by Takeshi Kitano is one of my favorites as well. It contains 4 short stories based upon old kabuki plays.
Especcially the scenery and visuals in this movie are stunning

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by kossori » Mon 10.03.2005 11:19 am

Suicide Club
Shall We Dance
and a few others

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by Mariya » Mon 10.03.2005 1:31 pm

The only one I've seen is Moon Child, since Gackt is in it. That too, not the whole thing...*embarassed*.

I really should check out all the movies stated on this thread. :)

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by skrhgh3b » Mon 10.03.2005 4:35 pm

it could only be a good thing. japanese cinema is often a refreshing break from the drivel hollwood spews at us. of course, i'm not speaking of the japanse drivel that gets remade in hollywood either... eheh. but anyway you look at it, it's good listening practice.

has anyone seen 海は見ていた (the see is watching)? it was the last script kurosawa worked on before he passed away. it was a remarkable film. i cried my eyes out :(
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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by nhannah » Thu 10.06.2005 2:34 pm

check out the Samurai trilogy-Mifune is awesome

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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by AaRoN » Thu 10.06.2005 3:47 pm

battle royal 1 & 2 B) :D
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RE: Japanese movies [No anime]

Post by clay » Thu 10.06.2005 6:26 pm

I love Mifune Toshiro. The Samurai trilogy is certainly great. I wonder if that was the first trilogy series?

Anybody like the silly Tsuribaka Nisshi series? Ok, they are stupid, but for some reason I really like the 4 or 5 I have seen.

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