What do you want from an anime transcript site?

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What do you want from an anime transcript site?

Post by JohtoKen » Sun 10.24.2010 4:59 pm

I've been working with an anime transcript site called Anime Transcripts@アニメで英語, and while it has a large following with Japanese users with the amount of English transcripts, there's not much going on when it comes to English users and Japanese transcripts. Sure, there's been some attempts for Japanese transcripts, but overall, that section has been left in the dust for quite some time.

I was sort of wondering, what do you want from an anime transcript site? I'm currently reforming some parts of the site, especially with the Japanese transcripts, and so far, I'm trying to implement a template that will, for Japanese transcripts, include separate transcripts for full Japanese, kana only, and romaji. Both templates will have the title of the episode in its respective language (English for English transcripts and Japanese for Japanese transcripts), and there will be a column to put notes such as whether something needs correcting or what parts still need work.

If there are any suggestions as to what you'd want from an anime transcript site, feel free to reply.

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Re: What do you want from an anime transcript site?

Post by furrykef » Sun 10.24.2010 7:29 pm

I'd say take a cue from my Learning Languages Through Video Games and make Learning Languages Through Anime. ;)
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Re: What do you want from an anime transcript site?

Post by JohtoKen » Tue 11.23.2010 3:15 pm

Though we're running off a not-MediaWiki wiki, here's what Anime Transcripts is like right now.

From what I can tell, the reason why we chose WikiSpaces over MediaWiki is this:
- WYSIWYG. Somehow, the Japanese users complained that MediaWiki lacked a WYSIWYG option, supposedly making it more difficult to make transcript pages for the wiki, if only because of the next point:
- Ability to create color-coded scripts. While nowadays I would just make a script in plain text + limited formatting, some of the Japanese users go through the liberty of color-coding all of their scripts for what I assume is easier speaker distinguishing. MediaWiki makes it very difficult to do that, and thus they complained about it.
- Having stuff on the sidebar. Sure, it makes for easy access, but if we're to expand our selection, the list could eventually get as long as a full-episode transcript (if we were ever to reach that point anyways). I compromised with the admin by making a separate page for the anime transcript listings, though the admin was reluctant at first simply because users wouldn't be able to access the pages on a single click.

And that's pretty much all I can think of.

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Re: What do you want from an anime transcript site?

Post by Tenzin » Sat 06.08.2013 9:51 pm

Hi JohToKen,

That's a lot of good work you did there. One of the most valuable tools for people interested in learning a language is bilingual resources, especially when it is something they find interest in, such as anime.

When it serves that purpose, and as the quality of the content develops along that objective, it will definitely draw more attention and traffic. Coupled with some SOE know-how, it will work great.

If possible, it will be more fruitful to focus on the latest animes that get the most downloads as it reflects the number of people interested in them. And if other people are already doing it, skip onto those not yet available.

Hope you are still here on this forum and look forward to seeing the site grow further. All the best!

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