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Japanese Level

Post by friendly_fire » Mon 12.13.2010 6:00 am

Previously I remember a page on this site with details about different Japanese levels.

For example, approximate hours studied, number of kanji, etc for beginner level, intermediate and so on.

The ratings for this scale still exist in the item descriptions in the store, but I was not able to find the page today... Yes, I tried the search function.

Does this still exist?


Apologies if I'm not making sense, slightly sleep deprieved.

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Re: Japanese Level

Post by kgb4life » Mon 12.13.2010 12:03 pm

Are you probably referring to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) ? Because the JLPT has 5 levels and up until last year it had a set number of hours required for study, kanji, vocab, and grammar points.

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