Books for learning Kanji...

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Books for learning Kanji...

Post by b4d0m3n » Sat 10.08.2005 4:00 am

I was wondering if you guys could recommend some awesome books (or even programs) to learn the kanji with. Any ideas?

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RE: Books for learning Kanji...

Post by Daisuke » Sat 10.08.2005 7:42 am

Go to the store in this site.

Go to the kanji section.

There are some nice books. I recommend 'Read Japanese Today'.. Nice book, i am studying from it, and it teaches you 300 important kanji.

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RE: Books for learning Kanji...

Post by Kates » Sat 10.08.2005 9:00 am

You might have trouble finding this one, or at a price you're willing to pay... but I ADORE this book (and the three that follow it). If I was going to teach a Japanese class, THIS is the textbook I would order for my students.

Basic Kanji Book I--ISBN: 4893580914

And the others:
2nd: Basic Kanji Book II--ISBN: 4893581198
3rd: Intermediate Kanji Book I--ISBN: 4893583565
4th: I couldn't find the IMKB II anywhere but, and they don't have an image... but the ISBN is 4893584898

I use to find good deals on books when I shop online. If you are in Japan, you shouldn't have trouble getting these.... if you aren't then you're either going to have to hunt and pay outta your nose... or ask a friend in Japan to find them for you and pay outta your nose. ^^; But I think they really are the best kanji workbooks I've ever come across in my 4 years learning.
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RE: Books for learning Kanji...

Post by InsanityRanch » Sat 10.08.2005 10:45 am

I reccomend the Lexikan program ( For about the price of a book you get a great way to practice drawing kanji (with feedback) plus several flashcard modes. If you want to use it with a book, it has built-in sets that present the kanji in the order of many popular books. If you want to make up your own lists (based on your reading), you can do that too. If you learn in grade order there are premade flashcard modules to drill jukugo using kanji up to the grade you're working on. In general, for the recognition of Japanese written words and symbols part of the struggle, this is a very well-thought-out and useful program.


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RE: Books for learning Kanji...

Post by james989 » Sat 10.08.2005 1:26 pm

Remembering the kanji by James W Heisig. If you're in it for the long term, it's all you'll ever need.

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RE: Books for learning Kanji...

Post by Milmi » Sat 10.08.2005 2:29 pm

Asahi-net's kanji drill and JLPT Kanji Project-page are quite useful. They're quite good and what's the best, they're totally free to use.
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RE: Books for learning Kanji...

Post by Infidel » Sun 10.09.2005 1:24 am

Kanji Alive is great for learning to write kanji. ... ew&lang=en it does use Quicktime. If you go to the quicktime site and do a search for "standalone" you will be able to dowsload the version without Itunes.

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RE: Books for learning Kanji...

Post by skrhgh3b » Sun 10.09.2005 1:40 am

and i really love those kanji practice pads i bought with the blank squares. i ordered mine from, who make the best kanji flashcards on the market, but you can order similar things from any number of websites. anyway, it beats practicing on ruled notebook paper with a stick.
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