javascript quiz program testing?

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javascript quiz program testing?

Post by zengargoyle » Thu 10.13.2005 4:03 am

this is a rough proof-of-concept program that i'm working on to help me learn my kanji. this particular program can quiz you over sets of Heisig word/kanji combinations and keep a list of the ones you missed and need to study more. it's pretty basic, but the cool thing is that it's entirely self-contained html/javascript... so you can save and run it locally. only tested with firefox, but it should work on anything reasonably recent. the only thing that may cause a problem is that it wants to use the 'MS Mincho' font for display (but it should fall back gracefully...). and the dictionary may be off a bit, i've only checked up to ~750 but the list goes the full 2043.

i hope to expand the concept to jukugo and on/kun readings and support quizes from A->B or B->A and the like.

anyway, feel free to give it a try (just don't look at the ugly code :D ):

Javascript Heisig Quizer.

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