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counter humor

Post by skrhgh3b » Thu 10.13.2005 6:47 pm

i found this touching scene from the drama スローダンス amusing as a student, and thought i'd share it with you. isaki calls up reach (the show's transliteration of 理一) late at night because she can't sleep, and finally he tries to lull her by counting sheep. the humor of course being which counter to use for sheep: 匹 (small animals) or 頭 (large animals).

thanks to for the transcript

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RE: counter humor

Post by InsanityRanch » Thu 10.13.2005 7:41 pm

thanks for sharing this. It was a lot of fun... you can just hear the sleepy whine in her voice, almost like a two-year-old. <g>
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RE: counter humor

Post by Mukade » Fri 10.14.2005 1:26 am

I think this exchange is great, too:


Sounds like every student I've ever taught (in the US or in Japan - they're the same the world 'round, after all).

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