Japanese Vocabulary

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Japanese Vocabulary

Post by Alanna » Tue 10.18.2005 4:54 am

I was wondering if anybody knew a website that gave you the basics that you would need if you were touring japan. This is for a school excursion and i will also be staying with a host family. So if you know a website that has the information I need please tell :)

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RE: Japanese Vocabulary

Post by skrhgh3b » Wed 10.19.2005 4:24 pm

you'll want a traveler's phrase book in your hands while you're in japan, so you might as well go to your local bookstore looking for one. they're not terribly expensive; many of them being pocket-sized.
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RE: Japanese Vocabulary

Post by Kates » Thu 10.20.2005 3:35 pm

I agree. A small Japanese phrasebook is a good idea for a traveller to Japan. A good one will have culture notes, as well as guides to help you pronounce the phrases correctly (or, at least as correctly as non-natives can ^^; ). Enjoy your trip!

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