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Hiragama? Katakana?

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Hiragama? Katakana?

Postby Yumeko » Thu 10.20.2005 10:53 am

Okayy...I'm new at this, and one thing I can't figure out at all is the whole Hiragama vs Katakana vs Romaji vs Kanji thing. I mean, are these are different kinds of scripts? And how are they different from each other? Help!:);):o:pB)
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RE: Hiragama? Katakana?

Postby john2 » Thu 10.20.2005 11:38 am

(pre script fax matines have very nuthing to do with the japanese languge i just like posting random trivia)
hirigana is the basic character set each of the charecters stands for a sylabel whell multiple can be combined to make one long sylabel but that gets pretty confuzing when you dint lern all of them yet

katakana is usually only used for forign words and un low reselution displays but note not that small low dot pitched low reselution displays other wise it is used not at all sometimes for emphisis where you would use italic

kanji are chinese characters whell there the japanification of chinese characters there baisicly ideograms you can write using just hirigana or just kanji

katakana is usually used for english words
kanji used for japanese or chinese words
and hirigana is used for japanese words
romanji is used for english and japanese words designed to make it esier for forigners to read or b to make it posible to write un these thin strips where you could not rely fit any kanji un and make it readable if course the europeons sold the fax matienese to the japanese then the japanese sold a contract for a big profit:P(arent you glad youre lerning japanese that way you can lern japanese business make big money :P) to europe couse europe was in desperate need of fax matinese
i might get back to you un the hirigana and katakana about the kanji ask someone else me not to shore about the kanji
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RE: Hiragama? Katakana?

Postby Kates » Thu 10.20.2005 3:33 pm

I'm sorry, john... but I found your explaination sort of hard to read...

To make sure: Katakana isn't just for "English" words... but for foreign ones used in Japanese. Katakana is also used to emphasize, like English-writters would underline. It is also used to write sound effects (onomonopoeia), usually in manga.

Yumeko: I suggest you check out http://www.guidetojapanese.org/ because it's explained very well, and you can see examples. Good luck in your studies. (:
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RE: Hiragama? Katakana?

Postby nprz » Thu 10.20.2005 3:56 pm

Also Katakana can be found other places, such as putting names on a board at the bowling alley because katakana has a half-size script and it is easy to write on those old low detail boards.

Spelling: Katakana, Hiragana, Romaji (no n, written ローマ字).
I just noticed lots of inconsistencies.
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RE: Hiragama? Katakana?

Postby koi_no_victory » Thu 10.20.2005 4:36 pm

Once you actually learn them, I think it just makes a lot more sense to you, but I think I can help.
Romaji is the way of writting Japanese in English letters. Like; "nan ji desu ka?" Stuff like that.
Hiragana is their writing system, like our alphabet. When the Japanese adopted the Kanji, they realized they needed something else because Kanji was originally made for Chinese, not Japanese. You can write Japanese purely in hiragana and it'll probably be understood if isn't really complicated. It's used for their setence markers as well. But, if you don't know a kanji you can write hiragana. なんじですか。
Katakana is used for any words that weren't originally in Japanese. It's used for words, but you'd use it for your name and such, because it's not native to Japanese. Like, my name is Liz, so it'd be Rizu/リズ. Katakana is also more straight lines and such. It's possible to tell it apart from Hiragana from Katakana without knowing how to read it, like
Hiragana: a i u e o あ い う え お
Katakana:a i u e oア イ ウ エ オ
Then Kanji. They're Chinese characters that were adopted into Japanese. So, most of the complicated things that you see written will be kanji. There's really much to the definition, but I can give you a few examples. 心 - heart、猫 - cat、悪 - bad、東京 - Tokyo.

I hoped that helped. o.o I don't know, I think that if I didn't know that the definitions above might have confused me, so. XD
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RE: Hiragama? Katakana?

Postby Yumeko » Fri 10.21.2005 6:31 am

Whoa...gosh, thanks so much all you guys, it's much clearer now
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