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Postby torgosaves » Thu 10.20.2005 8:04 pm

Personally, I find it hardest to understand spoken Japanese. How long did it take you guys to be able to understand it. I would assume its a matter of having a good sense of the vocabulary. I find myself watching Japanese movies, and just struggling, and not recognizing any words that I do know.
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RE: 日本の話を分かります。

Postby Infidel » Thu 10.20.2005 8:19 pm

Try watching with the subtitles off. I've also been hitting pause to read the subtitles first then listen to the words. This helps a lot. Watching with the subtitles makes it hard to listen to the japanese and not read the translations, which are often approximations and not literal anyway, making it even harder to learn as you go.
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RE: 日本の話を分かります。

Postby ryuubu » Thu 10.20.2005 9:32 pm

Start simple - watch some simple anime like GTO or Cowboy Bebop. Most of the grammar and vocab is general use and you can pick up many handy expressions this way that you didn't know worked before.

With Final Fantasy Last Order I watched the whole thing first without subs and still retained most of the story. Try that one out.
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RE: 日本の話を分かります。

Postby nprz » Thu 10.20.2005 11:16 pm

Even after being able to pick up certain words in drama/anime, it took me a very long time until I could actually understand what someone was saying to me during conversations.
Watching with subtitles on doesn't help, but if you can find Japanese subtitles then that could be helpful. When I rented "Spirited Away" at the movie store, it was a bootleg so it had Japanese and subtitles, so I enjoyed that before exchanging it for the English video (because I rented so my parents could watch).
I don't recommend any movie by Beat Takeshi for analyzing Japanese. Most of his movies are gangster related and he seems to mumble most of the time. Otherwise the movies are great :)

If you can find some Japanese people near where you live, you could try and have one help chat with you. I think that helps more than watching movies/anime.
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