I need a way to stay fluent

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I need a way to stay fluent

Post by ケビンテジン » Sat 02.02.2013 2:42 pm

I'm not fluent yet, not even close. However, my major is in Japanese. I'm currently studying Japanese in college. I'm taking Japanese up to the end of 202 level (intermedicate 2), by that time I should be a little fluent. After that I'm transferring to Arizona State university to get my bachelors degree in Japanese. To do that I must take 400 level courses, towards the end to 500 level. I love Japan, I have a friend there but he's too use to write to me. I want to teach English there. Also, since I'm taking every Japanese course offered by my community college (end of 202 level, ), with 3 or 4 more classes I can get my academic certificate in language studies (a 2 year academic certificate in language studies: Japanese). Then I need to get my general AA, then I can go directly into 300 level courses at ASU. here's the problem. I love japanese. I love Japan and culture. I even helped a Japanese company with their Japanese to English translating jobs (basic Japanese), and most of all I love learning Japanese. After the end of the second year, I will be done with all the intermediate courses, ready to go into the advanced 300 level courses at ASU. however, I need to take college slowly, so I can only take 2 classes a semester. This means to graduate it's going to take me another 3 years at least. That's just so I can get my AA and transfer to ASU. THEN, I can take the 300 level courses. But what happens until then? I was readying about a guy that took 300 level courses, forgot it all, and only remembers his first Japanese 101 Class!! I refuse to do that. I want to live I Japan too. So I have a few ideas and questions: 1) Is it possible now to find a Japanese friend online and I can write letters to him in Japanese (through the mail, and written on paper). 2) I'll try to go to Japanese meet ups in my area on meet up.com to practice Japanese orally. 3) I'll try typing to my Japanese friends online to continue. 4) I need to find Japanese manga (only in Japanese , beginner 1 up to intermediate 2 level). When I transfer to ASU for my 300 level courses, I must be sharp, even years after I studied Japanese 202. That's the problem. I need to practice writing in conversation, now, and I. Te future all the kanji I've learned on papers in letters to a penpal. ESP. Since that year and the next ill be studying abroad for 2 more years to help with my fluency. Any advice? ESP. On where to find a penpal? Thanks! Kevin

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Re: I need a way to stay fluent

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Sun 02.03.2013 12:19 am

I discovered recently that crunchyroll.com has improved the interface to the point that you can turn -off- subtitles. They're starting to expand beyond just anime, but ... well, the 'dramas' section is disappointing at the moment. It looks great until you filter it to only Japanese language dramas and all the korean shows go away, heh.

http://www.j-comi.jp/ has some free manga and light novels available in an apparently completely legal fashion, and of course kinokuniya has US stores that do mail order, and amazon.co.jp will ship internationally. Getting books and manga is really not hard in this day and age.

I don't know about pen-pals as such, but lang-8 is a pretty handy site for practicing your japanese and getting feedback. Also I can't help but notice the TJP Friends ad immediately to the left of what I'm typing. That might be worth a try.

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Re: I need a way to stay fluent

Post by baskerville » Fri 08.23.2013 12:26 pm

Penpals as in snail mail or email?
I used to have lots of Japanese snail mail friends through the friendship book network. They write to me in English, I correct their sentences when I write back and then they will correct my Japanese in the next letter. A bit difficult writing by hand in Japanese especially if you have a lot to say :P But I've stopped doing snail mail a long time ago so I am not sure if this network is still alive.

For email pals, you can probably find some at gaijinpot or lang-8 or japan-guide. Good luck!
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