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New Japanese learning podcast

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New Japanese learning podcast

Postby hunyaga » Tue 11.01.2005 10:49 am

Thought you might find this helpful. I've just started a new podcast for learning Japanese. What do you think ?

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RE: New Japanese learning podcast

Postby Fred Watanabe » Tue 11.01.2005 1:18 pm

Awesome, can't wait for my Ipod to arrive so i could download some of them and listen on my sybway journeys to school.

Great site, keep up the good work

By the way could you make a none video version for lesson 3?
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RE: New Japanese learning podcast

Postby Christian_ » Tue 11.01.2005 1:41 pm

I thought I would add this so no one would have to copy and paste. http://japanese.libsyn.com/
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RE: New Japanese learning podcast

Postby Kodi » Sat 11.05.2005 8:59 pm

Better than I expected! I think I'll download them all. :)
Hehe, the lesson 3 video I thought was funny too when it broke into the electric guitar. "YEAH!". It was just unexpected after the nice calm music before hehe. Nice when learning stuff makes you smile too. It helps.
It's realy clear and easy to hear (good microphone...). The native language speakers will help lots.
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RE: New Japanese learning podcast

Postby Kodi » Sat 11.05.2005 10:22 pm

Ooh I see that you have other pod casts too... No wonder it sounded quite professional. The Osaka Music one sounds interesting. I'll check it out tomorrow thought because it's realy late now.

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