Waterboys (the movie)

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Waterboys (the movie)

Post by kimikimi » Sat 11.05.2005 10:15 pm

Hello everyone, since i didn't find appropriate section in this forum i do my post here (=.
Wanted to ask have you ever seen Waterboys (2001)? and if so how much did you like it...

I think it's really great comedy, as i couldn't stop laughing almost from the start till the end, and music is great as well! I'd really recommend you to get this one ^^ (if you have at least a little bit of sense of humor :D)

and oh. btw.. if anyone of you happen to know the song that guys dance to at game center on DDR, i'd be happy to know (since it's not at soundtrack) (=


RE: Waterboys (the movie)

Post by Kodi » Sat 11.05.2005 10:18 pm

That movie is great! :D I watched it off a dvd with a HK friend. It was in japanese but with chinese and english subs both showing.
I can't remember the music though sorry.
It was a very funny movie overall :)

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RE: Waterboys (the movie)

Post by Kates » Sun 11.06.2005 12:08 am

I saw this near the end of my stay in Japan, when it was on TV. I didn't catch all that was said, but I really enjoyed the movie. It's going to be shown on campus here soon and I'm looking forward to watching it again. ^_^ I'm recommending it to friends, I thought it was so fun~

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RE: Waterboys (the movie)

Post by maikeru » Sun 11.06.2005 2:36 am

I saw some of Waterboys 2 on TV when I was in Japan last year. I was watching it on a host family's TV and I didn't know much Japanese...............:( I heard that Waterboys 2 isn't is good as Waterboys 1............haha
But then I I heard that other people think waterboys 2 is better.......confusing~~
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