En Taxi Magazine – What Type of Magazine is/was it?

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En Taxi Magazine – What Type of Magazine is/was it?

Post by celticflower » Thu 09.07.2017 8:35 am


I came across En Taxi magazine on Amazon UK and was curious as to what it’s about. It may be finished now as there were no listings after 2014. Is it a fiction/literary type publication?

I couldn’t find it with a regular Google search, so tried the ISBN number and found a little info that way:

Here’s the blurb from http://7net.omni7.jp/detail/1106401522

“赤川次郎「物語の中に消えた少年」 取材・文 重松清

Google Translate:
Jiro Akagawa "The boy who disappeared into the story" coverage · sentence Kiyoshi Shigematsu
Kiyoshi Shigematsu looks at the source of Mr. Jiro Akagawa, a great bestselling writer

Thanks for your time, links below.



ISBN: 978-4-594-60905-4

En taxi : 42(2014-3) (Japanese) Mook – 24 Jul 2014 by YuÌ"zoÌ" TsuboÌ"chi; Kazuya Fukuda; RiriÌ" furankiÌ".; Kiyoshi Shigematsu (Author)
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tsubo%C3%8C-Ka ... Shigematsu

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

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