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What Do You Want to Do?

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RE: What Do You Want to Do?

Postby Ady001 » Tue 03.29.2005 3:16 am

I hope it's not as much as ainu language...

I only know okinawa from the Rinken Band, or Gackt, or Iriomote Island... heheh
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RE: What Do You Want to Do?

Postby Smooth » Tue 03.29.2005 10:28 pm

Okinawa is great! I love it, although I am really wanting to go to Tokyo, Nagasaki, Kyoto and Oosaka. I see alot of tourists over here since Okinawa is a tropical island. The beaches are said to be the best in the world. So I get to hear a wide range of dialects. It is awesome because at first I didn't understand anything, and now I'm able to pick out mainland Nihonjin with Okinawajin. It is outstanding.

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