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Food for FAQ

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RE: Food for FAQ

Postby kohana » Wed 06.28.2006 12:22 am

punkgrl326 wrote:
Some of those questions were stupid, even for beginners,
(Will you do my homework for me?) lol

Haha... Unfortunately, they show up only too often -.-'' xD
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RE: Food for FAQ

Postby mteric » Wed 06.28.2006 9:41 pm

I would suggest updating the current FAQ for avatars. It says:

The avatar has to be 200x200, and in either a format of .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, or maybe .png. If its not that small or the right format, then you can stick it in paint and adjust it that way.

The image actually has to be 100x100 for it to work. I spent quite a while trying to get mine up...

Persistence pays off though. :)

[Note that the current current FAQ is the WagaWiki page [wiki]Just the FAQs[/wiki] that does have the correct figure. - Paul]
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RE: Food for FAQ

Postby coco » Mon 08.28.2006 10:27 am

Where can I read FAQ?

[wiki]Just_the_FAQs [/wiki]
Cool Kanji for Tattoo →緊急脱糞!what is this words ?---At last, OP figured it out.(?) :D
Txkun wrote:
So, please if you do a tattoo, do it in a nice spot and with clear lettering for us students! ;)

Txkun. At least [緊急][脱糞] both have meanings as 熟語. I guess 緊 and 脱 are JLPT level 1. 急 is level3. ( 糞 is not coverage of JLPT neither 屁 in 太屁.)
I'm not sure though, 緊急脱糞 is ...sounds like... medical term! ;)
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RE: Food for FAQ

Postby Infidel » Mon 08.28.2006 1:01 pm

At last, OP figured it out.(?)

That's crazy. Treating kanji like an alphabet.
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