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Japanese, general discussion on the language
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Language Friends

Post by dreamingxashley » Wed 03.30.2005 9:44 am

The actual Friends thread, post your "profiles" here if you want. This way we dont have to go to the second page of the other thread (yet).

Age, sex/gender, location, languages you want to learn/have learned, hobbies, all that good stuff. :)

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RE: 今日は ^_^

Post by arcaniis » Wed 03.30.2005 4:52 pm

Hey there everyone. Just someone looking for people to chat with. Seriously doubt the odds of anyone lving close enough to my POS town to hang with but w/e. Here goes nuthin.

AGE: 16

BIRTHDATE: Oct. 10 1988

SEX: Male

LOCATION: For now.... Melbourne, FL, USA

HOBBIES: Well lets see here... I enjoy a bunch of little things really like: Tennis, Paintball, Hanging with friends, Studying Japanese, Manga, Some Anime here and there, and more or less just having a good time.

LANGUAGES: English (fully), Spanish (enough to survive LOL), Japanese (Still learning but I'm progressing nicely)

ABOUT ME: Well... I grew up in Lakeland FL up until the point I turned 14. I wanted a new challenge in Life (as I usually do) so I moved out of my home and went to an All boys Military Academy down in Melbourne florida. So yep I go to military school... Oh joy :T Anyways... I'm getting bored with this here too b/c life is actually too routine still sooo... With a slight bit of luck, which it seems to all be coming together well enough, I SHOULD be becoming a foreign exchange student in Japan for my 12th grade yr. of high school.


--Well besides those few lil things about me, If ya care to know anymore ya can always feel free to just email me.I luv talking bout just about anything so drop me a line sometime.

PICTURE: Heh to be honest... I can't figure out to get one posted here so if ur wanting to see my pic thaaaaat badly... then just tell me how and I'll post my pic later. TY ^_^

Well, I'm out for now. Hope to hear from some cool people.
,David :D

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RE: Language Friends

Post by Smooth » Wed 03.30.2005 8:06 pm

Wow,... Melbourne!

I know a great number of people from your town. But they are all at least 10 years older than you. Not that I think you'll mind you know. Yeah, my friend Amanda moved from New York to Melbourne and I went one time to visit her. I did a show at this place, but that was back in 1999 and the details are kind of sketchy.

As for my profile...... um.... I kind of jacked it all up. I am who I am.


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RE: Language Friends

Post by mrfusion » Wed 03.30.2005 9:29 pm

Ok, I'll jump in here....

Age: 37
Sex: Male
Location: Petaluma, CA

Hobbies: reading, animation, watching movies, cooking, watching Iron Chef :), music,
eh, there's too many things to list.....

Languages: English. leaning Japanese (very slowly). I took 7 years of spanish in grade school
but I can't speak more than 4-5 words. (guess I wasn't really paying attention)

About Me: I grew up in New Jersey where I started working in the film business at about the age of 18. I moved to California about 15 years ago and now work as a Computer Graphics Supervisor.

What am I looking for: Well, I'm married with two kids, so I'm not looking for a date :)
Just some people to practice the language with and who can help answer questions.


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RE: Language Friends

Post by Shibakoen » Wed 03.30.2005 10:42 pm

AGE: 25

SEX: Male

LOCATION: North Carolina, for now. I'm getting my Master's degree in Economics at East Carolina University.

LANGUAGES: English (of course), French, Latin, Russian, Spanish, Yucatec Maya, and Japanese. I'm concentrating on Japanese and Spanish right now.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Travelling, playing cards, Studying Japanese and Spanish, cryptography, reading, listening to music and watching movies.

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RE: Language Friends

Post by toryn » Thu 03.31.2005 3:27 am

AGE: 17

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

HOBBIES: Writing, reading, art (any medium, though I'm not particularly talented), photography, not that I have any time to indulge in these hobbies in my HSC year. ;)

LANGUAGES: English, and Japanese (very limited), though I'm definitely planning to learn other languages in the future.

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RE: Language Friends

Post by Datadog » Thu 03.31.2005 3:59 am

Age: 22
Sex/Gender: Male
Location: Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
Languages: English, French, Currently Learning Japanese
Visited: British Columbia, Toronto, Los Angeles
Hobbies: Animating, Movies/TV, Photoshopping, Caption/Trivia Contests, Martial Arts, Learning Piano
Food: Asian, Italian, Ukrainian, and Candy
Music/Movies: Anything, but I'm mostly a retro guy. I really like classic rock and a lot of stuff from the 80's.

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RE: Language Friends

Post by ShinDig » Fri 04.01.2005 1:34 pm

AGE: 15


LOCATION: UK, in a boring grey town called Leicester

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: i know some of you will probably find this a bit geeky of me...but i love reading!!! :) i love art, dancing, and music (i blow so much money on CD's) and of course...learning Japanese!

LANGUAGES: Quite a bit of French, some spanish, and i have my 'business language' italian basics... trying to learn japanese

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RE: Language Friends

Post by Riley » Fri 04.01.2005 2:57 pm

AGE: 19
GENDER: male
LANGUAGES: Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, English, French and working on Japanese HOBBIES: reading sci-fi books, music (anything that is good), skating, computer related stuff and of course studying foreign languages!
ABOUT MYSELF: well i was born in Russia and moved to the US for 1.5 years when i was 7 then moved to Israhell...i'm a senior and in a few months i'm going to the army for 3 years so i guess i won't see you for some time :( i'm gonna miss you guys...
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RE: Language Friends

Post by XxrinoaxX » Fri 04.01.2005 3:27 pm

Age: 19... gonna be 20 soon!! ^^;;;
Sex/Gender: Female
Location: Queens, New York
Languages: English, Chinese (Cantonese and some Mandarin), some Spanish, and Currently Learning Japanese
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, acting, and anything art relatedB)
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