Free 200 Kanji Flash Cards

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Free 200 Kanji Flash Cards

Post by Step » Wed 03.30.2005 10:05 am

Found these online. I thought they'd be useful to someone. Tthey aren't as comprehensive as the kanji files on the japanese page, but they are set up to be printable flash cards. ... icard.html

Also there is a Kanji worksheet available here: ... ksheet.doc

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RE: Free 200 Kanji Flash Cards

Post by faburisu » Thu 03.31.2005 3:08 pm

Here's 2042 Flashcards for the REMEMBERING THE KANJI method

Also he has JFC flashcards on that page.
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RE: Free 200 Kanji Flash Cards

Post by ben » Thu 03.31.2005 4:11 pm

Did you check out the flash card links for this site?
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