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Post by tanuki » Sat 03.11.2006 5:02 pm

Hello, all!

So, I was...maybe you guessed it already...watching anime, and I found something interesting. Some people were talking about a man who wasn't there, saying some good and bad stuff about him. Suddenly, the scene changes and we see that man sneezing. Others who are with him ask him "Are you alright? Is it a cold?" and he responds: "No, I'm fine. I wonder if someone's talking about me?".

I find that funny, the way one "feels" others are talking about one here is because one's ears burn. So...well, that's it, I really haven't any question, I just wanted to comment. :) Maybe you can tell if it's different where you live?


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RE: Sneezing

Post by aKuMu » Sat 03.11.2006 5:04 pm

in germany it is when you have a hiccup.
(well if i got your post right)

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RE: Sneezing

Post by Kanji » Sat 03.11.2006 5:40 pm

I actully never heard this before.... or the germany thing.:|
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RE: Sneezing

Post by Sachi » Sat 03.11.2006 5:46 pm

I *think* I might have... No clue what it is here, though :p

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RE: Sneezing

Post by tyle7 » Sat 03.11.2006 5:49 pm

A somewhat similar thread can be found at ... 1893#15512

there is even a link there on what different number of sneezes mean...

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