Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Japanese, general discussion on the language
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Kisshu » Wed 04.11.2007 3:43 pm

Lawl.. i already put down a serious reason a while ago... but for me, its so that I can understand what the heck all those GORGEOUS ASIAN BOYS are talking about. Rawr.
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by boomcat » Sun 04.15.2007 6:49 pm

Well the reason I decided to start learning Japanese was because I love Japanese film. Nothing better than it... well maybe Korean film! I also watched anime alot but I can't say that was the reason because it wasn't really. I was hoping maybe getting some sort of student scholarship to go to Japan and study film in Japan but after a month of learning Japanese I found out about the JET programme. So I decided to apply for the JET programme in September. Fingers crossed!!! So now I'm working even harder to understand the language with the help of myself and a friend. But you don't need to know Japanese to apply. If I do get on the JET programme I can stay in Japan for up to three years as an assistant English teacher but I can stretch that to five years if I pass the JLPT exam whilst I'm there... so yet another reason for my Japanese learning!!

Before I go I just want to remind all non-Japanese anime "cartoonists" who wish to work in Japan creating anime that the chances in being selected to animate in Japan are one in a million. Even to the very best animators who are Japanese, the odds are stacked against them. And whilst I'm talking about anime, I remember reading an article about anime not being able to help you with your japanese. Well I just want to say that that is nothing but a bunch of lies. I find anime to be great help in listening to Japanese being spoken. It has helped so much and the fact that certain vocabulary are used over and over thereby drilling it into your head. I say keep watching anime!!!

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by gunslinger » Wed 04.18.2007 2:46 pm

I want to learn japanese because i like the culture and also my japanese friend hiroya
lives there. I started my studies to become and english spanish japanese interpreter

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Itto_Ogami » Mon 04.23.2007 11:41 am

I do feel a love of general Japanese culture from some years ago. However, that alone wouldn't really thrust me to learn the language, since I'm sort of a lazy ass. However, from many years ago I've wanted to work in such fields as animation, videogames and comics. Guess what, in Spain that stuff isn't what you would call a "means to survive", let alone a road to success. Thus, I'd like to start making a way for myself in foreign countries... especifically in Japan. That's mostly why I want to learn Japanese. However, I've found that I really like the language itself, so it's also becoming much of a hobby for me, aside than whatever my professional aims require.

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Zukhramm » Thu 04.26.2007 4:04 pm

I don't know really. A language written that much different from what I am used to is interesting, I know, there are many others too, but different things got me interested in Japanese.

Nintendo! I like video-games, actually I love them. And they're from Japan, at least the ones I play, but that's not really a reason to learn the language, but at least a part of what made me interested. Well, I've always wanted to go to Japan beacuse that's the place my biggest interest comes from, learning that language was nothing I had thought much about.

But then there was a DS game I thought was really interesting, 押忍!闘え!応援団, so I got myself a copy, and I loved it, and most of all the music (it's a music game after all...), actually I had heard some of the music before and got interested of the game because of it, but when I started to hear the music I got more interested in the language itself. Hearing it more often, as I listened to it quite much, simply made me a more interested in it. Really, the thing I liked most about Japanese music in the beggining was that I did not understand it, I've never really liked music with lyrics, I prefer music with only music, instrumental music, so listening to words in a melody that meant just nothing to me felt really nice.

And now I've decided to ruin what I liked about it, I'm smart, am I not? :|

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Obsessed_Saru » Thu 04.26.2007 9:53 pm

You know, recently one of my friends asked me why on earth I chose Japanese of all launguages to learn. She asked me why Japanese was so special. I decided, there is absolutly nothing special at all about Japanese...it's just pretty.

The funny part about this story is that she speaks Japanese...I'd have though she'd be thrilled... :|
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by night_knight » Fri 04.27.2007 7:07 am

the reason?
probably its because i love japan,, and the anime,, and the jdorama stuff..
and i just want to learn languages.. :)

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Ezrach » Fri 04.27.2007 8:35 am

Because of Ninja Love, pure and simple.

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by BruceLee » Mon 04.30.2007 4:10 am

mostly because.. spanish isnt challenging, i didnt have anyone to practice chinese with, and japanese is the coolest sounding language.

oh ya and i watch anime and listen to jrock so that contributes i guess.. w

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Elementalcotton » Wed 05.02.2007 5:36 pm

The reason I started learning Japanese is so I could read books and manga in Japanese. Sure, some of them are imported and translated into English, but it's just not the same.. (the original is always better, I say ^^)

Also I really like how they use characters to represent meaning.

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Megaevils » Thu 05.03.2007 4:51 am

I want to learn Japanese because I love the culture, I lived in Germany for four years and it really opened my eyes to the "stoopid american" and After I sold my soul for anime, (300gig, ty BT) I now want to learn it to build a strong resume for college and a career and haveing a seconed language will do nothing but help you.

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by tsukinokami » Thu 05.03.2007 6:54 am

i LOVE JAPAN!! and all that is in it.. whee!!

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by PENGUIN » Fri 05.04.2007 4:39 am

i just like the language because its more challenging and interesting than others like spanish or french. :)
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Kenji777 » Sun 05.06.2007 6:06 pm


and i love Japan

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by nihongonovice » Sun 05.06.2007 8:38 pm

Well I'm under the very strong impression that I was Japanese in my last life, and I'm trying to get back to mah roots, so to speak. :)
Well I guess it started when I was in middle school, Asian things just fascinated the shizznit outta me for some unbeknowsnt reason, and as I got older, I became fixated with Japan specifically. I can safely blame Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing for that. Maybe Dragon Ball too. But yeah, anime was a big part of what made me fall in love with Japan. If it wasn't for anime, I wouldn't have randomly started listening to anime radio and I never would have -accidentally- discovered Dir en Grey, Gackt, Hyde,and X-Japan, and I probably wouldn't be so obsessed with JRock this very day. The culture is awesome too though. I love ukiyo-e art. It's so original and breathtaking. I'm also a fan of the kimono, it's probably the most graceful (not to mention hardest to wear) garment ever made. I want one. Several, actually. Katanas and the whole bushido way of life fascinates me as well. I want to visit Japan during the spring and just OD on cherry blossoms. Oh yeah, hitting on a couple of hot Japanese guys would also be an upside of learning Japanese :)

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