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Why You Want To Learn Japanese

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby animepeach89 » Sat 03.19.2005 8:22 pm

ANIME ALL BECAUSE OF ANIME and i find japanese to be an interesting language and also i love its culture and food it all fascinates me but mainly the ANIMEB)o wonder when will i ever learn:(
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Datadog » Mon 03.21.2005 3:56 am

I would accredit it to the following reasons:

1. Anime. A friend got me hooked on it a couple years ago, and I thought it would be nice to be able to watch it coherently in it's original language without resorting to dubs or subtitles.

2. T&T Supermarket. They've got great food, but I'll be darned if I know what it is. Not to mention that when cashiers start screaming at eachother over something, I won't be left out of the loop.

3. The girl who works at Bubble King,

4. I work in animation and media and I think Japan would be an excellent place to start a career.
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RE: My reason (btw, its nice to meet you all)

Postby Brenan » Wed 03.23.2005 1:03 pm

I want to learn japanese because i dont want to be screwed and stupid when i move there next year, i have everything planned already, and now im learning the language, i have a little over a year, and that should be plenty of time to learn enough to speak to others while i am there, and i will learn more while i am in college.
Well, like i said, nice to meet you all, and ill talk to you all later.:DB):D:DB):D
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Spaztick » Wed 03.23.2005 1:13 pm

I hate to break all the bubbles of the anime freaks here, but animation companies in Japan usually hire Japanese people, as they don't really need to hire foreigners to do thier own animations. :/

Not that anime isn't bad, but manga is more popular in Japan (about 40% of printed materials), and only anime isn't a good reason for wanting to go to Japan. Look around and see what else you might like. If you only like anime, you'd be better off just staying where you are and watching it from there. :)
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Datadog » Wed 03.23.2005 1:34 pm

What's their policy on CGI animation?
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby jarad » Thu 03.24.2005 6:27 pm

I will be travelling to denden town to visit a friend I went to high school with at the end of the year for a couple of weeks. I will be on my own part of the time while she is at work and I figured I had better learn enough to at least get by.

The thought of going to a foreign country, that speaks a foreign language is a little scary. Think about your main basis for communication, everytime you communicate to someone verbally, and pretend you can't do that, not easy.
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Ady001 » Fri 03.25.2005 12:36 am

I began studying Japanese after learning the Monbukagakusho, but sadly, since the above test is as hard as stone, scrap the idea. I began to study another reason- to study the peculiarity of the Japs and to know more about the history of my city.

My city had the largest Japanese immigrants before World War II in Southeast Asia, and through them, they developed the place a lot, which is quite remarkable because we were declared as a city only 30 years from the founding! Anyway, not a lot of japs here anymore, but they did sure leave a lot of things. So the reason...
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Moo » Sun 03.27.2005 10:29 am

uff xD I hope ma english is gud enuff dat u all ll understand me o.O
im in love with japan since two years
and i cant get enuff !! >.<*
i like all! the food, the culture and of coz anime ;D
i want to learn japanese, cause i wanna life there when i grew up
i want more ^^ its so great
hai at aLL :D
nice ² meet y\'aLL :D!
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Chan » Mon 03.28.2005 11:08 am

i've been learning japanese thingy for bout almost a year now...but last year ididn't really concentrate...its only now that i started to pick a bit more...probably the main reason i learn is to kill my time off...cuz i'm one of those fellas who can never stop learning new stuph...the other reason is that i need to understand japanese cuz i'm very much into making sushi and in order to read the books in japanese, i figured it out that the easiest way is to learn the language itself...i've learnt chinese so i think 漢字 shouldn't be much of a problem for me...

the next reason is that japanese movies are really NICE!! ranging from old stuff like Akira Kurosawa's 7th Samurai, and Kiriya Kazuaki's Casshern....and all the great animation works by Hayao Miyazaki...they're just all so great!!!....

and probably another reason is for the music.. j-music is really cool and for good obvious reasons...and literiture as well, i've read the english translation of "A Tale of Genji" and it really captivated my heart...whats more i think it'll be real cool if i'll be able to write poetry in japanese someday in the future!


please correct me if there's anything wrong in my sentence structure..TQ!
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby KiyorakaEnma » Mon 03.28.2005 1:14 pm

i want to learn japanease because i love the whole coutry^^ the culture, the food, the language, the history, everything^^ and of course, japanease is a beautiful language
/Sagashii no Enma
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Kodi » Mon 03.28.2005 1:51 pm

hmm... same here.

RE: Why do you want to learn...

Postby Jess » Mon 03.28.2005 2:23 pm

This is a really good question. (Sorry the only reason I could come up with is being a novelist. It's a current obsession *severus snape* :) )
I love many of the responses though; they are so good! :p
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby DBeckham » Mon 03.28.2005 11:12 pm

konnichiwa, beckham desu, dozo yoroshiku
watashi wa Shingapooru kara desu, watashi wa Shingapooru, chuugoku jin desu
domo arigato gozaimasu.

I am from Singapore, chinese people, I learn Japanese is because their culture is very interesting, on the other hand, I want to know the Japanese girl over there, and intended to get Japanese girlfriend.B)
Hajimeshite, beckham desu, dozo yoroshiku
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Shibakoen » Mon 03.28.2005 11:49 pm

I like languages. I've studied French, Latin, Spanish, Russian, and Yucatec Maya. Basically, I just really like to travel but I hate the stereotypical tourist. I like to meet the people, not just see the sites. For me, Japan is much more about the people than the sites. I've been many places that I feel are much prettier than Japan, but the people in Japan are great, too. I lived and worked in Tokyo for a year and I want to go back to see my friends more than anything else. I also want to travel more around Asia. As for the Anime, I think it can be a very pretty art form, but many of the movies are just way too disgusting or just plain weird. Anyway, I don't want to discourage anyone from going to Japan. It's definitely a great place. I'd just get as far from Tokyo as possible if you want to see "nature." Go to Tokyo if you want to party till dawn.
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Postby Ady001 » Tue 03.29.2005 1:31 am

The only thing apalling are prices...
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