Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Japanese, general discussion on the language
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by semiautomatic » Sat 03.10.2007 6:20 am

I want to learn Japanese because I am obsessed with learning new languages. I'm also obsessed with Final Fantasy. And Kingdom Hearts. ;)
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Riku1992 » Mon 03.12.2007 9:19 pm

I want to learn Japanese because I don't want to go to Japan and not know what people around me are saying. ^_^

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Kagemaru » Mon 03.12.2007 11:50 pm

I want to become Yokozuna

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Teh_Freak » Tue 03.13.2007 12:34 am


Hehe, well that pretty much sums it up right there ;)

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by yesterdaze » Thu 03.15.2007 1:19 am

actually does it have to have a specific reason..?
haha, its definitely not cos manga is in jap, should be the anime & dramas, caant stand the disgusting subs some pple come up with... evn worse is the dubbibg and voice-overs... ugh...
so learng jap would conveniently solve problms of misunderstandg...

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by jstar101 » Thu 03.15.2007 10:04 am

I would like to learn Japanese for many reasons:

1. I would like to go to Japan someday.
2. I would like to learn a new language and Japanese is a wonderful language to learn.
3. I am interested in Japanese fashion.

Those are the main reasons why I am learning Japanese.

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by japan_is_cool » Tue 03.20.2007 5:04 pm

I want to learn japanese because im going to japan in 3 monthes so i need to hurry <and because i love japan> ;)

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by darknightsky » Tue 03.20.2007 5:21 pm

every since i culd remember, i've loved languages!!! they are so facinating. i already know quite a bit of Spanish, and i love it, but Japanese is so appealing to me. i don't know why though. it is a beautiful language, and one day i want to go to Japan. also, i really want to learn Cantonese.

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by NocturnalOcean » Wed 03.21.2007 1:50 pm

Ratzenheich wrote:
I heard the speaking part was easy, at least easier than other languages such as German, which I originally wanted to study first. But the writing part is bloody...
I must say I disagree with that. I think it all depends on what language you speak as mother tounge. Myself, I speak Norwegian. German is so similar, and quite easy to speak for me. Japanese, however, is the complete opposite grammar of most European languages. Therefore I would argue that speaking japanese is actually quite difficult. You have to get used to think backwards, the different levels of politeness, and so on. The only reason I can see why japanese might be easier to speak is that it has less "complex" sounds. Everything is built up by either only a vocal, or consonant + vocal (except ん) However getting a good pronunciaton considering pitch and so on, is quite difficult though.

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by flammable hippo » Wed 03.21.2007 5:23 pm

I think Japanese is a lot harder for me to speak than German but not because of the "backwards" grammar or politeness or anything but because of the whole rhythmic consonate-vowel-consonant vowel thing the language has going on. Words like atatakakunakattara (if it wasn't warm) where the sounds are similar are easy to flub up while speaking and I usually wind up with my tongue in a knot... German is a lot easier in this regard, however trying to remember all the correct adjective endings, genders, etc while speaking is a lot harder than when writing or because you have time to think it out when you write.
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by kyashi » Wed 03.21.2007 5:56 pm

i want to learn japanese because i want to . i want to because im obsest {spell check} with the language ever since i watch card captor sakura when i was 3 ` 4 ish i never knew it was in japanese and i barly understood it , so when i was 10 i learned it was in japanese when i was 11 i took the plung to study japanese and learn the language!!

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RE: Why I want to learn Japanese

Post by AnimeGirl11 » Thu 03.22.2007 3:34 pm

I want to learn Japanese because languages fascinate me. I took Spanish in High School; Latin & Italian in college and I also know sign language (I know it is not a spoken language but it is still a language nonetheless). Anyway, I wanted to challenge myself and learn a language that would be very difficult for me to learn. I have only been studying it for about a week or 2 (I am teaching myself). But so far I was correct in my thought that it would be challenging. But it is beautiful. My boyfriend and I are hoping to go to Japan within the next 2 years. And when I get there I want to be able to communicate. I firmly believe that when you go to another country you should speak their language.

I am also obsessed with Anime & Manga!!! :)

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by Miyu-rin » Thu 03.22.2007 8:50 pm

At first, it was just for anime. but now it's for so much more than that! ^^ The food, the people, the culture, EVERYTHING! XD I love Japan so much. I'm hoping to visit one day, but since I'm black, I'll look like a complete outcast and I'll be so embarrassed so I'll just stay in America, kthnx. xD

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by neitokun » Sun 03.25.2007 4:51 am

why i want to learn japanese is because i wanna brush up on it XD, becuase im going to study korean XD. and tagalog & illicano right after.

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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

Post by lastlife » Sun 03.25.2007 9:56 am

So I can get a date with a cute Japanese Girl.


So I can understand everything they are saying in anime world.


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