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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by captcouch » Sat 07.07.2007 11:53 pm

My favorite has always seemed to be 中.

On'yomi: Chuu
Kun'yomi: Naka, Uchi, Ata(ru)

It reminds me of my early curiosity in Japanese when I was several years younger. I've seen that Kanji since I was a small child watching anime. Even though I never knew what it was called, what it meant, or how to pronounce it, I thought it looked cool. :)

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by shiohigari » Sun 07.08.2007 1:20 am

Another necrothread! Gotta love 'em!
But since we're here, my favourite Kanji are the easy ones, like 一、二 etc coz basically I'm lazy :-)
I also really like writing one's with 心in them. eg 愛、忘、忍、念、恋 など など For some reason, it feels good when wrting them. The pen flows nicely, or something. Sounds wishy-washy, I know, but someone might understand what I mean!

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by furin » Sun 07.08.2007 2:37 am

Hm I want to say I like 風鈴(a wind bell). 梅雨が終われば、風鈴の音が心地よい季節になります。 :)

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by shiohigari » Sun 07.08.2007 3:22 am


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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by Xurma » Sun 07.08.2007 5:28 am


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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by ss » Sun 07.08.2007 5:48 am


I know 稲 is rice plant, 妻 is wife. I don't know why lightning is 稲妻. (>_<)''

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by Rock Lee » Sun 07.08.2007 10:16 am

my best kanji is 水 [mizu] I love water and I love this kanji! :D

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by Dehitay » Sun 07.08.2007 12:01 pm

ha, this tread is worth reviving
my favorite is 笑
followed by 禅
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by JaySee » Tue 08.07.2007 12:42 am

I came across a really funky kanji a few months ago when looking up something else in my dictionary, though it's quite an uncommon one and I havent actually seen it in Japanese texts.

轢 (http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/cgi- ... 1MKJ%ED%E0)

Its kun'yomi is "hiku", which if written with this kanji means "to run over", eg. 彼は車に轢かれた (Kare wa kuruma ni hikareta / he got run over by a car). It's not really the shape of the kanji or the spectacular meaning, but more the fact that its made up of 車 (kuruma - car), and 楽 (tanoshii - fun/pleasant) which makes it interesting. It kind of makes you wonder, hur hur.

(I know 楽 can also mean "music", and that that part is only used to indicate the pronunciation anyway - on'yomi is "reki" - but thinking like that kind of takes the "fun" out of the character) (pun not intended :p)
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by Strawberry_Juice » Tue 08.07.2007 2:48 am

I love this one: 姦
女+女+女= noisy. :p

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Tue 08.07.2007 8:54 am

The word 轢死 is in Natsume Soseki's _Sanshiro_.
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by UpHand » Tue 08.07.2007 10:15 am

I don't know why, but I just like it.
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by Tspoonami » Tue 08.07.2007 10:40 am


たいと - the appearance of a dragon in flight, with a whopping 84 strokes.

Sadly, I can't type it, because the IME is stupid. I don't think this character even exists in the character bank...
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by shin1ro » Tue 08.07.2007 10:46 am

Sorry, it can make your eyes sore... B)

It's the old style 漢字 of 亀 (かめ tortoise, turtle - a holy animal in ancient China for its long life)

I found its stroke order is shown here :D
Click the kanji at 序Z画 on the page of the site -- but unfortunately, it seems to work right only by Internet Explorer...

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Post by suko » Tue 08.07.2007 11:35 am

My favourite Kanji:

食 (food)

followed by:

花 (flower) , 山 (moutain - I live in Scotland = 山 の国) , all Kanji with the "Water" radical : 海 (sea) , 漢 (Chinese) etc...

So quite a lot...

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