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Favorite Kanji

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Postby Pork Chop » Tue 08.07.2007 1:20 pm

Maybe it's my stint in Electrical Engineering, but the combo of: 凸凹 is super cool.
After that, probably: 答 (I can see a dude with his mouth open).
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Postby Chikubi » Tue 08.07.2007 1:56 pm

shin1ro wrote:

Sorry, it can make your eyes sore... B)

It's the old style 漢字 of 亀 (かめ tortoise, turtle - a holy animal in ancient China for its long life)

I found its stroke order is shown here :D
Click the kanji at 序Z画 on the page of the site -- but unfortunately, it seems to work right only by Internet Explorer...


龜 is such a weird character, but it does look like a turtle! though it has a weird lump on it's neck... And writing this character nicely is TOUGH (everybody try it!)!

For me it's triple characters!
or quadruple characters 4x 火 !!!
and (男女男)

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RE: Favorite Kanji

Postby skrhgh3b » Tue 08.07.2007 2:49 pm

henshall's etymological explanation for 商 is priceless. it gets my vote for the most interesting kanji ever :D
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Postby blaz » Fri 08.17.2007 3:05 pm

My favourite is 囁 (e.g. 囁き (ささやき) whisper). It's fun when you think of a little mouth saying something and lots of ears trying to hear what it's saying.
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Postby shoCk_x » Sat 08.18.2007 1:04 pm

My favorite kanji is 無. It not only looks cool, but it means "nothing" or "nothingness". My favorite jukugo with this kanji would have to be 無音(むおん), or "soundless".

鸞 is another very interesting one to me. It means "fabulous mythical bird" and only has an onyomi reading of ライ. My names dictionary tells me that it can be a surname, in which cased it's pronounced らん. I don't think it's ever really used though.

blaz wrote:
My favourite is 囁 (e.g. 囁き (ささやき) whisper). It's fun when you think of a little mouth saying something and lots of ears trying to hear what it's saying.

I actually laughed out loud when I read this. That's an oddly cute way of thinking about the kanji. :P
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Sat 08.18.2007 1:43 pm

There was a Buddhist monk named 親鸞, and he's a major historical figure in the history of Buddhism, so that kanji is actually used sometimes.
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Postby Xurma » Sun 08.19.2007 3:28 pm

Currently I like the 点 kanji because its nice to write, and it looks like a war tank. :) Actually I like all the kanji which have those 4 little dots under them, 点、 無、 焦、 熊 and etc. They look cute because they look like little creatures running for something. Also 骨 looks fun because it looks like a clumsy robot trying to destroy a metropolis. ;)

点点点・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・骨骨骨
tanks vs. robots ;)
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RE: Favorite Kanji

Postby Enchantrix » Sun 09.02.2007 5:25 am

My favourite Kanji is the Kanji for leaf


I think the top part looks like weaving and I remember it by thinking of a mat woven out of leaves hanging from a tree.

It is also used in

yotsuba no kuroobaa
Four leaf clover

which is very lucky =)
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