Kanji vs Hanzi

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Kanji vs Hanzi

Post by x1337magex » Wed 07.19.2006 7:46 pm

Hello all,

I am ever so slightly curious about the differances between kanji and hanzi. Actually, i am a litle more curious than i lead you to believe ^_^ but I was wondering if any of you knew or if you could recommend a website that would explain it well. Thank you!!
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RE: Kanji vs Hanzi

Post by hungryhotei » Wed 07.19.2006 7:54 pm


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RE: Kanji vs Hanzi

Post by kyashi » Wed 07.19.2006 8:19 pm

dude whats hanzi?

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RE: Kanji vs Hanzi

Post by Sakana_12345 » Wed 07.19.2006 8:26 pm

A Chinese character (Traditional Chinese: 漢字; Simplified Chinese: 汉字; pinyin: Hànzì) is a logogram used in writing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and formerly Vietnamese.

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RE: Kanji vs Hanzi

Post by Sakana » Wed 07.19.2006 9:56 pm

Besides pronunciation, the main difference is the way of writing them. Except for in Taiwan and Hong Kong, they use a simplified version of the same characters, probably to make them easier to learn and use.



The hanzi is a bit simpler that the kanji, right?

As far as pronunciation goes, despite differences between the languages and changes over time, quite a few of them sound similar, and retain a basically the same meaning.

漢字:馬 - uma 漢字:在 - zai
汉子:马 - ma (falling/rising tone) 汉子:在 - zai (falling tone)

And there are alot more like that. Actualy, the articles above probably can explaim that much better than I can.




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