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Kung Fu Hustle

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Kung Fu Hustle

Postby jinksys » Sun 04.24.2005 5:14 pm

Doesnt really have anything to do with Japanese, but I seen it last night and it was awesome. If anyone else has seen it, tell me what you thought of it.:D
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RE: Kung Fu Hustle

Postby dreamingxashley » Sun 04.24.2005 5:42 pm

If its anything like Kung Phooey Im gonna love it. :D
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RE: Kung Fu Hustle

Postby Matsumoto_hideto » Sun 04.24.2005 8:49 pm

it was really really funny

i saw it on friday!

haha the lead guy

reminded me on the singer of TMGE

tell me what u think
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RE: Kung Fu Hustle

Postby Datadog » Mon 04.25.2005 12:25 pm

Haven't seen it yet, but if it's from Stephen Chow (writer, director, and star of "Shaolin Soccer,) it HAS to be good. This guy is like the Will Ferrell of kung fu movies.
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