What languages do you know?

Japanese, general discussion on the language
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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by sei » Mon 04.02.2007 9:55 am

Well let's see.

I speak portuguese (native language), and since they're so close alike, i can understand and speak spanish pretty well (i never studied it one bit!).

English is my second language, studied it for...(*counts*) 7 years, and i'm almost sorry to say this, but i speak it more than my native language =S.

I also studied French for 2 years, and i was very good at it, but have forgotten some of it, even though if i hear someone i can pretty much understand the basics. So i'm about at begginers level.

And currently am studying japanese.

Was thinking of russian after! =P

(Note: I am only 17... So i think i'm doing pretty good :p)

I just love languages!!! :D
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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by TsukiNeko_chan » Sat 04.07.2007 9:41 am

well english is my first language and i can speak quite a bit of french that im learning at school but i go to france really often so thats helped me a bit and i learnt a little german (as in i can barely count to 10! ;)) and im learning japanese (obviously), arabic and spanish

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by ICS » Wed 04.11.2007 2:23 pm

finnish, spanish english and then comes the ones i really dont speak very well... french, swedish, and... japanese :)

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by jairia » Fri 04.13.2007 1:05 pm

native tounge is dutch an have english as my 2nd language I also know a litle bit frenche and german but thats because it's compulsery and I realy suck at it because I'm dislectic. and now I'm learning japanese^^ and I must say i'm beter at that than german or french ;)

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by FaWzY » Sat 04.14.2007 4:42 am

My native language is Arabic, I've studied English in school as a first language so it's considered a native too, I speak fluent French, and I'm currently taking French courses to improve it, I speak a very little bit of Turkish (Turkish and Japanese are the languages I wanna learn the most)

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Kodama_30 » Sat 04.14.2007 11:39 am

My native language is English since I'm from the UK. I used to know a bit of French thanks to compulsory lessons for 3 years in high school, but what little grasp of the language I once had has now long gone :p. Probably due to a total lack of interest in it tbh. Obviously posting here Im trying my hand at Japanese, hopefully this will turn out alot better. The early signs are good though, I'm actually motivated and taking an interest in the language. French I saw more as an incredibly boring chore that had to be endured for 3 years :| :p
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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Max Maxter » Sat 04.14.2007 10:52 pm

g0jira wrote:
French: I took it in high school and don't remember a word of it. I didn't like it. I wish I'd paid more attention though, and gone further. Any language is useful to know.

I also seem to understand a lot of Spanish, although I've never taken it. I think it's because it's probably the most common foreign language in the U.S. and shows up a lot of places.
Ni ere bai, baina ez dut erdara ikasi nahi. Espainola oso zabala da Ameriketan. Hizkuntza biak, espainola eta frantses, niri gogaikarriak dira.

Eta Hijukurentzat, hau zer:
Hijiku wrote:
Русский мой любимый язык наряду с английском, и вскоре, японском!

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Kishili » Sun 04.15.2007 8:21 am

My mother tongue is German but I also speak English (since I learned it in school and am mostly reading English books and texts....)
I'm also learning French at school but am rather bad...

Now I started learning Japanese even though it'll take some time ;P

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by m00se » Mon 04.16.2007 8:44 am

I speak Finnish, Swedish (Swedish is marked as my mother tongue) and English (as fluently spoken and written languages [observe not correctly written in most cases -_-' ]).

I have an understanding of the other scandinavian languages(mostly on paper and not so much by hearing ^_^) and some german.

Have studied Japanese for approximately 2 years now, so a basic knowledge there too... I did study French at one point for a couple of years in school, but have nothing to show from it.

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Zukhramm » Sun 04.22.2007 9:36 am

I'm from Sweden, so I know both Swedish and English, I've also had German classes at school but I'm not good at it at all.

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Kjesta » Sun 04.22.2007 10:51 am

I'm from Germany and love languages!

German: Is my mother tongue, obviously. I love it because you can do so much fabulous stuff and word games with it and twist it around and just about everything! <3

English: Ah, my one great love. I adore the English language! I can't understand how one can't like it or something :| People in my class always stared at me when I sat in 6th grade and read Harry Potter or something in English - they still ask me about my English books if I understand anything but I can read English books just as easily as German ones.

Latin: In 7th grade, we could choose between French and Latin - I chose Latin. I can't even order a pizza or curse properly in Latin. This is what teaches you that learning Latin is in 99% of the cases useless.

French: Have started half a year ago, but we have twice the learning matter than usual so our small class can catch up with those who chose French earlier.

Okay, then now it's Japanese and in two years I'm starting to take Spanish classes. B)

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Eschar » Tue 04.24.2007 8:29 pm

Greetings and salutations, friends.

I've read through the first fifteen pages or so, and I'm very impressed. Being multilingual is a very admirable thing, and a skill I hope to gain in the future. Now, to the question at hand: I know
Icelandic: My mother tongue, I speak this quite fluently.
English: My second language, I am one fourth American, and have stayed in English speaking countries for long periods of time. I speak this fluently.
Danish: My third language, I can barely keep up a conversation, write barely coherent sentences and understand some (slow, clear) speech. I wouldn't know any Danish if it were not compulsory in Icelandic schools.
Japanese: Eh, I know a few katakana. Ridiculous, I know, but I'm slowly working on it.

Reading through the first fifteen pages, I saw only one mention Icelandic. I don't have the patience to skim through the rest, but I ask: Are there any other Icelanders here, studying Japanese for fun? I would love to come into contact with you.


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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Moodrets » Tue 04.24.2007 9:45 pm

Well, my native tongue is Russian, I am quite fluent in English, I have taken and learned Spanish to a survivable extent, and now have set my sights on Japanese quadralingualism.

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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Xurma » Thu 04.26.2007 3:22 pm

Estonian and Finnish, they are both my birth tongues, because i was born in Finland but in home we spoke Estonian, so i know both of them, then im good in English, so i can speak three languages very good, but then i know only Sweden and Japanese only little bit, im learning Japanese right now :)
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RE: What languages do you know?

Post by Uchuusen » Mon 04.30.2007 7:36 pm

Besides my native tongue, English, the language I know the most is Japanese. I'm learning Spanish in school, and my dad taught me some Italian. The language I'm most interested in starting to learn is Chinese or Hawaiian.
こんにちは. :)


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