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What languages do you know?

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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby ajibkobain » Tue 05.01.2007 12:56 pm

My first language is Malay, second is British english...but my grammar in english is so bad ;)..huhu..currently i'm learning hiragana
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby tsukinokami » Thu 05.03.2007 7:02 am

hmm.. lets see.. (not according to any order) i speak British English or Japanese most of the time..
1. English
2. Mandarin
3. Japanese
4. Malay
5. French (a little)
6. Tamil (a little)
7. Korean (a few phrases)
8. Spanish (few phrases)
9. Italian (few phrases)
10. Teochew dialect (does this count?)
11. Hokkien dialect (this too?)
12. Russian (very very little)
13. Latin (a bit)
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby Sumi » Sat 05.05.2007 8:37 pm

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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby vanillaa » Sun 05.06.2007 2:58 am

I speak Chinese(mandarin),Hakka dialect,English .Chinese is my native language since I am a Chinese.:)

I now begin learning Japanese because I have to read Japanese papers in the sequent study(I study Chinese Ancient Literature ).And my tutor required his graduate students master a third language.Awesome guy...

Anyway ,a third language really is a torture for me ...Just ADD OIL together!
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby AkusuruKun » Mon 05.07.2007 9:17 pm

*clears throat* My native language is Spanish, my secon lang is English since I was born and raised in the US for 16 years. Knowing Spanish I can easily understand (not speak) any other romantic language such as Portugese, French, and especially Italian. I'm quite good at Japanese, been at it for a couple of years.And finally, I plan taking German next semester. :P
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby kohyin » Tue 05.08.2007 2:07 am

My first language is Japanese (however, my Japanese has gotten somewhat rusty).
My second language is English (which is currently the primary language of mine even though I lack the cultural foundation for being fluent).
My third language is Spanish (which I studied at an university in Mexico and at a college in California - nivel cuaro).
My fourth and fifth are French and German which I've never gotten to the level of fluency and have pretty much forgotten.
My sixth language that I am currently focusing is Chinese (Mandarin).
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby OverLyn » Wed 05.23.2007 5:26 am

Chinese(mandarin),English and Malay but my Malay's exam... fail :(
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby FuyunoYuki » Wed 05.23.2007 6:00 am

Wow, so many people here are multilingual. I speak English and can understand some Russian, but only because I grew up and went to school with a lot of Russians. So Japanese is really the first language I studied, I'm not planning on taking on another until I become fluent in it (hopefully someday :|).
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby aChee » Thu 05.24.2007 2:01 pm

i can speak Tibetan, English, little bit of French and Japanese!
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby Frumious Boojum » Thu 05.24.2007 2:36 pm

I've answered before....

But, in addition to Japanese and the 5 years of Spanish I had, I'm going to start Egyptian Arabic soon. My brother-in-law is from Egypt and if I am ever around his non-English-speaking family, I'll need to learn some. However, Japanese is my main focus as Egyptian Arabic is mostly for family reasons.
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby zomegashot » Sat 05.26.2007 7:48 pm

In order of fluency:

1. english
2. 한국말
3. español
4. 日本語
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby mcfate » Sun 05.27.2007 12:19 pm

My mother language is Hungarian. I'm fluent in English, and I know some German. Am learning Japanese as a hobby. :)
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby Anomaly » Sun 05.27.2007 2:04 pm

I take Spanish in school and I'm teaching myself Japanese, but I'm no where near fluent in either of them. I will be, though, you bet it! :)

I'm fluent in English.
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby megavinx » Sun 05.27.2007 10:26 pm

Known so far...
Japanese(still on progress)

Known very little...
the return of the vinx...
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RE: What languages do you know?

Postby ButterFli » Sun 05.27.2007 11:28 pm

Well, for me, I speak English of course, native tounge, and I speak Spanish. Nearly fluent. Over where I live (Close to the border), it is almost a necessity to speak english and spanish, because it is so influenced in the culture down here. Anyway, there is the Japanese, but I am not as fluent and natural with it as so with the other two.. but I am working with it; it has been over a year, and I am determined to NOT give up! :)
After this, I am looking to conquer Italian!
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