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Japanese Working Fashion

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Japanese Working Fashion

Postby zengargoyle » Tue 08.15.2006 6:18 pm

a pretty sweet article on Japanese Construction Worker Fashion. and there are a lot of other interesting articles on the site if constructions worker fasion isn't your thing....
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RE: Japanese Working Fashion

Postby ss » Tue 08.15.2006 7:02 pm


Cool ~ , in Lion City, we called it Ice Kachang, and I'll ask for alot of mango topping and red bean paste, yummy ~
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RE: Japanese Working Fashion

Postby keatonatron » Wed 08.16.2006 1:52 am

I've always thought Japanese construction workers look pretty cool. In Japan, the working class has style B)
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RE: Japanese Working Fashion

Postby Rsquared333 » Wed 08.16.2006 5:54 pm

They should make that stylish stuff osha is the us LOL.

I wouldn't mind wearing some of that stuff on the job.

Do you think they have a pair of those cool shoes in a us 15?
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RE: Japanese Working Fashion

Postby anikaliki » Wed 08.16.2006 7:36 pm

lol that is some entertaining stuff
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RE: Japanese Working Fashion

Postby tanuki » Wed 08.16.2006 10:02 pm

Cool! Japanese construction workers are more stylish than many people I know, me included.

But I don't understand...why could a child need a Tobi outfit? :)
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RE: Japanese Working Fashion

Postby chiisu321 » Wed 08.16.2006 11:47 pm

there are even children's outfits ^_^
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RE: Japanese Working Fashion

Postby magma » Wed 08.16.2006 11:49 pm

They start the kids working at a pretty young age in Japan, I guess... :o
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