Japanese pre-College (high school?) curriculum

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Japanese pre-College (high school?) curriculum

Post by FrozenGodPuppet » Fri 04.29.2005 12:44 am

I would be extremely thankful if one could point me in detail which disciplines makes up for a japanese curriculum prior to entering a college (high school, I guess as my country uses a different nomenclature).

For example, they have in math, a calculus discipline, and in that discipline they study, under the functions' topic, Derivative and Integral functions. They also have some curriculum differences concerning Thermodinamics, but I am unable to pinpoint them. This is the kind of knowledge I seek.

I am asking here because I scanned the web and it is apparently an herculean task to find such things.

The reason I am asking is that I will be taking a Japan Consulate test in order to attend to a college there, and as I found, mine curriculum and theirs have some discrepancies, and I don't know exactly which are they.

P.S.: Oh, yes, I need it only for Physics, Chemistry and Math.

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