japanese pen pal... yea i know....

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japanese pen pal... yea i know....

Post by OrangeFlame » Sun 05.15.2005 9:52 am

hi all, i know, im just another irritating person that wants a japanese pen pal....

but i do want 1...!

so, if you are japanese, and u want a dutch/english pen pal :P pm me please, and u will hear from me very very soon :D


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RE: japanese pen pal... yea i know....

Post by ohemgee » Sun 05.15.2005 4:21 pm

This question has been answered many times before on other past threads.

One of the better places to find a Japanese penpal are the penpal services at http://www.japan-guide.com/

Also, http://www.mylanguageexchange.com/

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RE: You might find someone on

Post by Kramersize » Sun 05.15.2005 6:15 pm

Japan pages friends service. there is link on the lower right of this site I joined it there are a lot of interesting people on there. A lot of cute women and probably a lot of goodlooking guys too. I already have started making friends on there. Lot of nice people. Ohemgee I like that burgerking avatar that makes me laugh! Did you see the Jay Leno bit he did? It was pretty funny! I saw Supersize Me and have quit eating fast food since July of last year and I quit drinking cola too. Now I eat better healthier food and drink lots of water and I can fit into clothes I use to wear when I was in highschool and I feel a lot better and I eat a lot cheaper too. Fast food isnt that good anyway. Cola was harder to quit. Its worth it.
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