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Post by Nexus Lord » Fri 05.20.2005 12:36 pm

hi all, does any one know any good software for learning japanese. i already have one called KANJIGOLD, it only really deals with speech, im looking for something that will show me the kanji and give me sound aswell.:D thanks

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RE: software

Post by mewcurano » Fri 05.27.2005 8:59 pm

You can change it in kanjigold. There are 4 buttons on the middle right side. If you click the one with the kanji on it it will change the answers to hirigana and katakana. Of course, you need to know how to read them.

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RE: software

Post by SCMurphy » Wed 06.01.2005 9:26 am

The 'Learning materials reviews & language learning tips' forum is a good place to read reviews of software that people have tried.

Are you looking for shareware or freeware? I don't think I've seen a program that is a flashcard tool with typed in responses and sound to go with it in either flavor. I'm willing to bet someone has tried though as I keep finding new (to me) programs on the net each week.

The link that follows is a Japanese-English dictionary that costs $19.90 or something to keep after you try it. You can install a voice module with it that supposedly will pronounce the word for you. I haven't tried it out yet so I can't vouch for it's usefulness. The voice module is $24.90 and the two programs together are $34.90. It's even cheaper if you use PayPal, $29.00 for both.

I am not affiliated with the above link, I have no commercial or monetary interest in it.

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