Using Japanese Characters

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Using Japanese Characters

Post by kanadajin » Mon 05.23.2005 5:07 pm

I downloaded the Japanese pack so i can read the Japanese but how do i use japanese Characters I have been trying to change the characters but i can't find out how to do it.. some one help me please :|


RE: Using Japanese Characters

Post by Kodi » Wed 06.01.2005 6:36 pm

Well I'm sure someone here knows better than me on this. There are ways of entering text in japanese into the pc but I don't know sorry. If it's only a small amount you want to do then go... Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character map.
You can find characters in there. On mine all the japanese text is listed under the 'MS Gothic' font.
I would also like someone to recomend a program to enter japanese characters into the PC. I also would like a character recognition program so I can write them using a Graphics Tablet. (I am going to get a tablet for Graphic Design at uni) =)

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RE: Using Japanese Characters

Post by randomperson » Wed 06.01.2005 7:18 pm

heres how to do it on windows xp start>ctrl panel>Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options>add other languages>(make sure the box next to install files for east asia languages is check if not click it and install them and u need your xp install disc to do this)details>add>find and pick japanese. now go to the preferences(on the same window where you added japanese to your keyboard lang. options) and set up the language changer and where you u want the bar display. if any questions arise just ask.

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