Movie with lady warrior

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Movie with lady warrior

Post by lzuke » Fri 06.03.2005 11:56 pm

Does anyone remember a movie that had a female warrior in it? She had four female guards and they all rode white horses. She wasn't a main character, and the part about her was fairly brief. I think she was the wife of a great general or something, and she challenges a foe to a sword fight - but instead he pulls out a gun and shoots her dead. I've been googling this forever with no luck.

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RE: Movie with lady warrior

Post by Kei » Sun 06.05.2005 11:42 pm

Heaven and Earth. It's about 2 warlords in japanese history. Kagetora and Takeda. Very good movie may I say. Not to be confused with a movie by Oliver Stone. It was directed in 1990 by Haruki Kadokawa. A must have for any Samurai fan. :D The girl warrior is with Takeda and her name is Yae. Hope that helps.
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