Many public bathrooms in Japan Coed?

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Many public bathrooms in Japan Coed?

Post by Cherie061403 » Sun 06.05.2005 4:27 pm

Is this true?

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RE: Many public bathrooms in Japan Coed?

Post by Mukade » Wed 06.08.2005 2:21 am

Most these days are not coed, but you'll still find a few here and there.

One thing, though, is that men's urinals are not often very well hidden. The train station near where I work, for example, has no door on the bathroom and the men's urinals are in plain view of every single person that enters and exits the station.

Most Japanese men are unfazed by this - to the contrary, they can often be seen peeing in public. For those of us raised in slightly more prudish countries, however, it can be a bit disconcerting to watch flocks of people walk by as you are hanging out of your pants. :o

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