Importing Japanese books.

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Importing Japanese books.

Post by Jobo » Thu 06.09.2005 10:53 pm

Are there any good websites from which I can import Japanese books? I'm specifically looking for books by Haruki Murakami, in their original Japanese. Any help is appreciated :)
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RE: Importing Japanese books.

Post by InsanityRanch » Fri 06.10.2005 8:45 am

Hi, Jobo!

I generally just go to But of course, it's best to order a number of books at once, to cut down on shipping costs... there is a fairly steep "base fee" for shipping overseas, plus a much smaller per-book additional fee. If someone else tells you a better site, let me know, but Amazon is still great for browsing, listmania, etc.

Incidentally, awhile back I posted a request for anyone interested in forming a reading group. Since you read Japanese, would you be interested in that sort of thing? (Two or more people reading a given book at the same time and discussing it?) Of course, it depends on reading speeds and so on, but it's sort of a dream of mine so I thought I'd mention it!

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