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konnichi wa
there's this japanese resturant in my area called Osaka. It rocks! They cook your food infront of you at the table! you sit in these chairs that are attached to this awsome grill and they cool a whole bunch of food for your appetizers then cook your food that you ordered. They make the whole grill go on fire and do all these cool moves! They even have a japanese fireman figurine to put out the fire. only lol you have to pull down it's pants and it pees out the fire. like i alreayd said, the place rocks. when i go there i so badly want to talk to the people in japanese (or in the small phrazes i know in japanese) but I feel way stupid.

anyone else got anything like that around their area?
壁に耳あり、障子に目あ り
kabe ni mimi ari shouji ni me ari

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