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Is Japan running out of room?

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RE: Is Japan running out of room?

Postby Infidel » Sun 07.01.2007 11:38 pm

In America, classrooms of 1 student are actually pretty common. We tend to call it homeschooling though.

completely unrelated.

This was a typical classroom that seats about 30 students, with only 1 student in the room and regular lineup of teachers, not a kid and his parent.
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RE: Is Japan running out of room?

Postby Hatori » Mon 07.02.2007 12:08 am

I don't believe it'll run out of room.
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RE: Is Japan running out of room?

Postby Teh_Freak » Mon 07.02.2007 12:25 am

Sky City anyone?
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RE: Is Japan running out of room?

Postby two_heads_talking » Mon 07.02.2007 9:52 am

yeah, just think, if someone in Hokkaido sneezes, someone in Okinawa falls into the ocean.. that's a great way to keep the population in check..
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