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Post by jrivera » Tue 07.03.2007 1:30 pm

Hi everyone,
One of my classmates got an invite (from his Japanese girlfriend) to join mixi.jp. He wants to pass it along to the rest of the classmates since the registration is by invitation only.

He described it as THE Japanese myspace. Even my sensei is on it LOL.
So I was wondering if anyone here is a member. And if so, what do you think of it in general?

It obviously doesn't cater to communicating with gaijin (like the friend's site here) but if you can read enough to get by will you get a warm reception?

ありがとう ございます

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RE: mixi.jp

Post by Pork Chop » Tue 07.03.2007 7:18 pm

Japanese on Mixi don't tend to add friends in the carefree manner that people on Myspace tend to. Join some communities, make some attempts at speaking and you should do okay. Just be careful about sending out unsolicited friend invites as sometimes they may get you reported for harassment. Hasn't happened to me, but I've heard of it before.

I'm a member, pm me if you want to add me to your friends' list.

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RE: mixi.jp

Post by keatonatron » Wed 07.04.2007 5:23 am

jrivera wrote:
but if you can read enough to get by will you get a warm reception?
Not likely.

While myspace is about showing how much of a unique snowflake you are and making friends, Mixi is all about cliques and social circles.

If you get involved with a group of people that are obsessed with foreigners you can probably make some friends but..... You won't have normal people randomly sending you messages and being friendly. :|

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RE: mixi.jp

Post by CajunCoder » Thu 07.05.2007 1:33 am

I must disagree with keatonatron. Or at least, state that it depends on a number of factors.

I've only been using Mixi for about 4 months, but I've made several good, normal friends whom I met through communities. However, showing that you have a good level of Japanese (at least, enough to communicate effectively) will be a huge help, and people will be more at ease and more likely to try talking to you.

Also, having a good "base" group helps. I was invited by a Japanese exchange student here, and she introduced me to other exchange students who also use mixi, so I had a good base of friends as well as "functional" language ability when I started.

As a whole, I prefer mixi to myspace hands down. For a lack of a better word, there is more "context" and "purpose". Everything is better organized, and I like the culture more.

So, my advice is to give it a try. It's a great way to become more connected with Japan, and get a lot of Japanese practice in, and you may wind up making a few friends, or being able to keep in touch with your current friends better. You may find your language proficiency to be too low to experience it fully, but that's something that will be fixed over time anyway, right? :D

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