Why should I learn Japanese?

Japanese, general discussion on the language
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RE: Why should I learn Japanese?

Post by Infidel » Thu 07.12.2007 9:03 am

"Sardonic Old-man Land". (Many of whom may even point out that the acronym for such a place is S.O.L., which also happens to be the position they think that you are in for requesting them to tone things down just a little bit)
Just ignore all of the hot air that blows around here, and you'll be fine.
This was actually good advice.

Anyone that argues on the internet is a looser, even if they win.
All of these were serious answers and that "hot air" isn't condescending, it's wisdom. So appreciate that you get a response and realize it's truth whether its the kind of truth you want to hear or not.
Of course we were condescending. All our answers are serious--seriously condescending, that is--when a question deserves it. Of course there is wisdom within our condescension too, but any question asked without making an effort to answer it oneself is a stupid question.
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RE: Why should I learn Japanese?

Post by Gundaetiapo » Thu 07.12.2007 7:45 pm

Some of you are very cynical, can't someone do something just for the hell of it anymore? but that's not the point, I wasn't. I wanted to learn something about another language and therefore culture, if I had a preference I wouldn't be asking about it. I've never learned another language before and obviously know little about Japanese except that it's more different, so how am I supposed to 'decide for myself'? fyi I did ask the same questions on other language sites and they were nowhere near as discouraging as some of you have been. I could search the internet for this stuff but I find actual people to be more insightful. I know learning a language is involved and ongoing, if I weren't willing to put in that effort I wouldn't even be talking about it, so quit worrying about my motives so much.
regardless, Thank you, some of you have been very helpful
So what language did you decide on?

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RE: Why should I learn Japanese?

Post by punkgrl326 » Tue 07.17.2007 12:05 am

You have a slightly better chance of getting into an Ivy League University than someone who's second language is Spanish or French B)
"Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily."

-Thomas Szasz

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RE: Why should I learn Japanese?

Post by TrilinguisT » Fri 07.20.2007 1:37 am

First of all, Japanese isn't as complicated to learn as it is commonly misperceived. There is much to memorize such as the Kanji and Kana, but other than that Japanese grammar, writing, and speaking is pretty straightforward. Japanese is very technical when it comes to the grammar and very simple in some ways but at the same time it is also very complex. Not to get into too much details but that's my $0.02

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