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Learning problem

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Learning problem

Postby Nucks » Fri 08.17.2007 1:03 am

While learning how to write hiragana and katakana should i also study the word examples it seems hard to get into my head. Just asking did u memorize most of the words while learning how to write hiragana and kana ?
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RE: Learning problem

Postby Infidel » Fri 08.17.2007 1:32 am

I couldn't learn the complete list of kana until I started trying to read words.
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RE: Learning problem

Postby CelticNinja » Fri 08.17.2007 1:35 am

I've only been learning the hiragana for about a week now (Yes I just started learning Japanese) and I find the words very useful for learning the letters!
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RE: Learning problem

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Fri 08.17.2007 8:09 am

I agree with Infidel. I tried to learn katakana and hiragana before I studied any Japanese, and I found it to be a hopeless endeavor. It's much easier if you can write some words.
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RE: Learning problem

Postby saya-chan » Mon 08.27.2007 12:56 am

Find a study partner who is willing to write something to you if they know Japanese. Or ask someone to hold up flash cards for you with pictures and words. I learned best from using it and reading it though.
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