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nicknames in the workforce.

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nicknames in the workforce.

Postby chiisu321 » Fri 08.24.2007 11:56 pm

I wasn't sure where this belonged. Hopefully it is not inappropriate for me to make this thread in the general section.

Anyway, i am currently watching a j-drama called Sapuri (for listening practice). The drama usually takes place in an office setting. One of the characters is sometimes called "baito-kun."
I know from experience that arubaito means part time job.
Hopefully this is not a stupid question, but is this a name commonly used for part timers?
I think my assumption is correct, but i've learned it's never safe to assume anything let alone fully trust that assumption.

Also are there other nicknames that can be found in an office setting?
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RE: nicknames in the workforce.

Postby Mike Cash » Sat 08.25.2007 5:38 am

That isn't a nickname. That's just a generic appellation.
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RE: nicknames in the workforce.

Postby inuinu » Sat 08.25.2007 11:21 am


tasukeru kotoga dekiru nara
tasuketai to omou.
dakedo eigo ha nigate.
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