Teachers' Day Dedication

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Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by ss » Fri 08.31.2007 4:20 pm

In Singapore, Teachers' Day is an official school holiday, celebrated on 1st of September.
Teachers Day is a dedication to the wonderful teachers who teach us, guide us, and we know for sure, encourage us!
I take this opportunity to wish all the great people here > Happy Teachers’ Day !

A short note of appreciation especially for Coco-san.

~ You always showed care and concern. ~
~ You always stand by our side. ~
~ You always cheered us towards the destination. ~
~ You gave us stability to reach the heights. ~
~ So now, it’s a perfect time to say “We Deeply Appreciate You!” ~


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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by Gundaetiapo » Sat 09.01.2007 12:44 am

Happy Teacher's Day, Coco-san!

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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by Infidel » Sat 09.01.2007 2:23 am

Heh, I thought from an IM this would be a coco thread, but if we make it a teacher thread then we have to thank all the others too. Mike, Tony, Shin1ro, rich, clay, Paul, Hungry, Harisenbon, Keatsomething, Chris, Witega, Fuurin, dang, there are so many helpful people here I know I'm forgetting more than I'm remembering.

A little extra thanks to Coco going the extra mile and helping in our special chat sessions. They've been lots of fun, and lots of help too.

Paul also gets an extra mile pat for all his wiki entries, his kanji project, and other stuff. Get well soon and come back :)

Clay extra mile thanks, this is his site after all.

And Zengargoyle, for all his hard work fixing the site and chat server when it goes down.

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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by terence_hideyoshi » Sat 09.01.2007 2:56 am

Happy Teachers' Day to Coco-san! I believe there is no better present than showing our result to you that we have achieved in JLPT. Hence, I suppose we might have to delay your present. ;) Once again, thanks for helping us out. Deep in my heart, I really really apreciate what you have done.

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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by coco » Sat 09.01.2007 4:51 am

シンガポールには「先生の日」があるんですね。日本では9月1日は「防災の日」です。この日(今日ですが)]関東大震災( ←)が起きたのです。これからは私も9月1日にさまざまな先生を思い出して感謝することにします。

その人たちに私からも「Happy Teacher's day!」。そして「これからもよろしくお願いします」。 :)

Paul_b さんが戻ってきてくださるといいですね。

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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by katafei » Sat 09.01.2007 5:36 am

Your input and enthusiasm is very inspiring! It has struck me many times how much you must love your language and help others learn it. Teaching others your own language is sharing a bit of your innermost, I think, since the mother tongue is so much part of your cultural self.

and of course thanks to all the others here that are so helpful with their answers!
We are all but images of our time

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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by Txkun » Sat 09.01.2007 6:35 am

That's a nice holiday you have in Singapore, SSsan!!
I agree!!! I would like to say to to cocosan: 本当にありがとう。
For being always a great teacher and being a great friend for many of us here.
Thanks too to the others great sensei. Everytime I had a question it was promptly answered by coco or one of them. That too gives me motivation to continue the study of japanese. :D

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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by ss » Sat 09.01.2007 10:40 am

Infidel-san, 100% agree with you. Nice post!
Yes, there are many others that we have to thank too.

Teachers Day will be celebrated at different dates in different countries. I am not sure of other countries. Feel free to drop a note of appreciation or present your wishing cards if you like to.

A little headache for our beloved sensei(s) here:


Yes, nice holiday here. We had an enjoyable small gathering with our university teachers this afternoon, great!

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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by caroline » Sat 09.01.2007 12:57 pm

Teachers' Day is not an holiday we have here....
but maybe we should... it reminds one not to take teachers for granted.

Especially pro bono teachers...

The first thanks is to Coco san as, not only does she makes her usual wonderful contributions, but she is coralling with utmost dedication, patience and kindness her small herd to success in the JLPT...

To all the others, far too many to attempt not forget someone, heartfelt thanks!
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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by tanuki » Sun 09.02.2007 9:32 am

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me on this site. This site is really full of good teachers! ;)

Special thanks to coco-san for taking her time to teach us with patience and her characteristic good humour. As was already said, I hope our JLPT scores speak louder than our words. :)

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RE: Teachers' Day Dedication

Post by guldo » Sun 09.02.2007 11:33 am

Happy Teacher's Day! 皆さんおめでとう!
遅くなってごめん ^^'
Many thanks to everyone for their help. :)

I'd like to thank especially coco-san, too. Her effort on this website is really appreciated.
オーース、ココ先生 :D

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