does every american universities have a forum?

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does every american universities have a forum?

Post by makisuki » Mon 09.03.2007 9:06 am

does some american universities or colleges have a forum to be able to contact actual studients to have informations about the programmes?

thank you.

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RE: does every american universities have a forum?

Post by Dehitay » Mon 09.03.2007 10:21 am

Universities do have forums but they might not have the kind of forum you're looking for. At Texas Tech University, forums tend to get created per class rather than per university or per department. If you're looking at learning Japanese, I believe foreign language is more likely to have a forum per major (like Japanese).

However, if you're looking for information on the programs themselves, I would suggest e-mailing whoever is in charge of the program. Us students tend to forget how programs work anyways. Since I'm a senior, I can tell you what classes I have left to take, but I can't tell you a majority of what I already took or how the pre-requisites worked out.
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