quick question about vertical writing

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quick question about vertical writing

Post by Dehitay » Thu 09.06.2007 10:00 am

I've been wondering when you writing something like きゃ vertically, would you include the ゃ next to the き or below it? While they are 2 characters, technically, they're still one mora so I'm not sure. And just to verify, the small っ would be written on it's own row in vertical writing as well, right? Unlike ゃ, っ is a mora so I would think so, but it could still be hard to tell the size in vertical writing.
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RE: quick question about vertical writing

Post by richvh » Thu 09.06.2007 10:40 am

In vertical writing, the small kana are written below the preceding kana, and are offset to the lower right corner of the "box" they are written in. (Except for furigana - there generally is no way to tell きょ from きよ in furigana.)

Here's an example of vertical writing.
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RE: quick question about vertical writing

Post by JaySee » Thu 09.06.2007 10:47 am

In vertical writing all charatcers and kana (also the small ones) are written underneath each other. Because small kana are... well... smaller, and dont fill up the entire 'square', they're written in the top right corner of it, similar to 。 and 、

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RE: quick question about vertical writing

Post by sei » Thu 09.06.2007 12:13 pm

If you type some sentences up in Word and then go to Format>Change direction of text, you'll see how everything is supposed to be done.

Well, I think everyone has that feature. At least when I installed IME I suddenly realized I had that, so it must have come with it.

Hope it helps.
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RE: quick question about vertical writing

Post by G-baby » Thu 09.06.2007 1:37 pm

Small Tsu, Ya, Yu, Yo are written in the top right corner of the next box for vertical writing.

In horizontal writing, they are written in the bottom left corner of the next box. (Even though it may appear that it is in the bottom right corner of the same box as it's preceding character)

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